The season for vacation that is!  I've been thinking about this for a few weeks now because we are going to be going on a mini vacation next weekend to Kelley's Island and I've been going through my thoughts and wondering how I am going to keep up on my fitness while we are away.  I can't exactly bring my home gym with me, but I can definitely bring some things along that will help me stay on track.  For one I guess I can bring along my TurboFire DVDs, however we are staying in a cabin with another family and I don't want to be hogging up the tv and entire living room with my awesome turbo moves ;)  So, having said that I went right to my handy dandy iphone and starting searching the fitness apps!  Oh how I love technology :)

The Find
After searching a gazillion apps I found one, a FREE one, that I absolutley love.  It's the Exercise TV app.  This app is so cool, it plays video of numerous exercises ranging from Upper Body, Lower Body, Total Body, Abs & Yoga!  I'm already picturing in my head the awesome yoga session that I will have Saturday morning on the front lawn facing a beautiful view of Lake Erie, doesn't that sound fantastic?!  I'm super excited about this app, it's right on my phone and I can take it anywhere and I won't have to worry about disturbing anyone.  I'll probably throw my resistance bands in the suitcase and get in a few upper and lower sessions as well.  So there you have it... go ahead and take that vacation, no more worries about how you're going to manage to stay on track!  Of course, I'll be giving myself a little cheating room here and there, hey, it's vacation and I'm gonna enjoy it and you should too!
So tell me... how do you manage to stay on track while on vacation?  Any other good apps out there?  Maybe a favorite fitness magazine?  Spill!  :)

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