Hello fit beauties!  Have to start the post off with a little FLEX FRIDAY, of course!  Have to tell you, this is my first week back post Ultimate Reset and into my workouts and I'm feeling fantastic!  Nutrition has been on point, workouts are explosive and I even lost a pound this week too!  SCORE! 
Have been doing the Les Mills Combat program and it is NO JOKE, my body is SORE! In a good way :)  And all the punches and kicks are really forcing me to use my core and my midsection just feels tighter in one weeks time, so I'm definitely digging the MMA style workouts. 
Of course what always comes with a hardcore workout is a raging appetite, so I've been fueling my body right with protein packed breakfasts like the one above (egg whites with oatmeal, strawberries, raspberries and flaxseed), really revs up my metabolism and keeps me going throughout the morning.  Plus my Shakeology has been doing the job too for most of my mid-afternoon snacks, which is perfect for a mid-afternoon slump buster. 
ALRIGHT!  On to the fun stuff!  Soooooo :)  Tomorrow is my birthday :)  We are heading to downtown Cleveland for some fun with friends Saturday night and I am STOKED!  Got my outfit picked out, accessories lined up, hair did, nails did... BOOM!  I think I'm ready to parrrr-taaay!  Nothing to crazy though :)  Gonna hit up the casino, do dinner at the Naughi Mermaid and bounce around 4th Street!  And then Sunday we are going to B-Spot for lunch!  Going to be a FABULOUS weekend!  Have a FUN. FIT. FAB one yourselves!

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