Hello all!  So I guess tomorrow is OFFICIALLY the first day of Fall, huh?!  Where in the world did September go?!  I guess we can officially say GOODBYE to summer and HELLO to Fall!  I really do love my summertime, it is by far THE BEST season of all, IMO anyway :)  But, I must say that the Fall Fashion is def. my fav in the clothing department!  Standing outside today waiting with the kiddos I busted out my fav faux fur hoodie, I just love that thing!  I get a lot of stares with this thing when I actually put the hood up.... a dad at the bus stop with his daughter, asked me, "Where are the dogs??"  I was like, huh?!  And he was like, "You know... you're huskies?"  Funny guy!!!  LOL ;)  Certainly gave me a little chuckle, let's see what I can come up with next week for a funny zing from funny guy dad at the bus stop.... I have the perfect item!  Next week, I'll bust out my SpiritHood, which is a stocking cap (made of faux fur, of course!) and it actually has ears and paws like a cheetah :D  Can't wait!
OK then!  So we've established that we are nearing Fall and guess what else.... IF you can believe it, Oct 1 marks the 1 YEAR anniversary since I started my VERY FIRST Challenge group.  Can you BELIEVE that!?  One year!  I'm in the process of putting together all my personal challengers (whom I personally worked with) weight-loss success stories!  I will also be putting together a special for ONE very lucky challenger who signs up for the Oct challenge group!  Stay tuned for details, you DON'T want to miss it and maybe win your chance into the Return of the Routine challenge group with a FABULOUSLY awesome deal on a challenge pack!  Finish the last 90 days of 2012 with a rockin' body and ring in 2013, your BEST YEAR EVER!
Yes!  Lots going on starting October 1!  What else am I adding to October you ask?  Another challenge?  YESSSS :)  This one is not fitness related (although... it VERY much can be!)  It's called a PUSH challenge.  What's a PUSH challenge?  It's FREE and it will last for 30 days, it is a support group that I will hold on Facebook and is geared towards helping you with time management with a calendar and how to utilize a to-do list, define goals that align with your priorities and create a plan to reach them, get organized, get support and tools you need to reach your goals and form habits that will bring you success in all you do.  How bout that?!  I am extending this offer through the weekend, if you want in you must commit to it by Monday morning September 24th!  Email me, message or friend me on Facebook and let me know that you are IN!
And lastly, but certainly not least, I must give you an update on my personal fitness, right?!  What kind of fitness blogger would I be if I didn't?!  So, I'm pretty excited that this weekend I am BACK AT IT, with the 5Ks that is!  Tomorrow I will run in my first Fall 5K!  The last one I ran in was back in May for a wonderful cause.  And as always, I run for a cause, as I will be doing tomorrow as well :)  The Alexa Brown 5K in Clyde, OH.  This cause is for a little girl whose ever so bravely battled cancer and unfortunately succombed to disease.  It is with a heavy heart I run in honor of this little girl, it does my heart peace knowing I can support in lieu of this nasty killer that has claimed some beautiful lives, some that I've known and loved dearly.  Really excited for this event and can't wait to see some all the great people that come out to support!
That's all folks!  Jump on some of these awesome opportunities I presented you with today (you know how to reach me!), even the 5K if you are in the area, there is still time to register!  Have a FANTASTIC weekend loves!

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