Well hello there gang!  Happy Friday!  So I just have to tell you that yesterday I had my very first Fit Club at Vedas Fitness Center in downtown Cleveland and it was off the hook!  We did Cardio X from the P90X series and we burned some major calories, sweating from head to toe fun!  I recieve a few requests from a few ladies that could not make it to fit club yesterday and want to meet up with me at the fitness studio to do a mini fit club, fine by me I say!  I think this time we are going to do a little ChaLEAN Extreme to get the muscle movin'!  This whole idea has really got me thinking about getting my ACE fitness certification -but hold that thought, I've got alot more thinking to do on it before I decide so more on that later ;)  Anywho, Fit Club yesterday was during the lunch hour which meant that afterwards (sigh) I had to go back to the office and work.  Soooo, this also got me to thinking, there are some major gym bag must haves for this type of situation and just from my experience yesterday, here's what I came up with that are key ingredients to getting office fresh after a lunch-time sweat session.

1.  Clean & Clear Cleansing Wipes
Actually any type of wipe will do, just something that you can use before and after your workouts on your face and body in order to refresh your skin.

2.  Fresh Body Mist
Again any will do.  I recommend anything from Dove, Jergens or Bath & Body, all have body spritz that is like a bath in a bottle and it moisturizes too!

3.  A Dry Shampoo
I just seen a commercial the other day on this, Tre Semme just came out with this for their line of hair care products.  This stuff works like a powder in that it soaks up the sweat from the root of your hair and leaves it feeling soft and clean.  Perfect!  I've also found that a spritz of hairspray and taking a roller brush and hairdryer to my sweaty head has the same effect ;)

4.  Hair Accessories
Wether it be a cute head band or twist tie, be sure to have one of these on hand.  A sleek pulled back hair style is quick, easy and office appropriate.

5.  Moisturizer
Whatever you fancy, just make sure you got it!

6.  Chapstick
That gorgeous kisser gets dried out during all that huffing and puffing while you are workin that workout girl, make sure you have something to put on your lips to wet that whistle.  Maybe something with a little shimmer, adds a nice touch :)

That is all kids!  Have a great weekend!  See you Monday!

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