Hi All!  How was the weekend??  Mine was great!  We got the Christmas tree and decorations up on Friday evening.  I thought it was going to be more of a hassle (hence the reason I put it off til now), but it really wasn't, it was actually enjoyable, despite one string of lights going out on my miniature pre-light tree in our dining room :/  BUT, I have a MILLION extra lights so no worries, just wrapped an extra strand around the tree and good as new :)  And much more vibrant I must say!  Holiday candles had been burning non-stop all weekend and the house smells sooo good, def. looking a lot like Christmas in our house now :) 
Saturday we went to Toldeo to see the Walleye hockey team play against Chicago at the Huntington Center.  This was the kids first hockey game ever and my first pro hockey game ever!  Tony and I used to go to Bowling Green college games a lot back in the day and WOW what a difference!  The fighting is out of control!  Very entertaining, I was so blown away, I couldn't believe the refs just let em go until the both hit the ice!  Again WOW!  The kids definitely had fun and that's what matters most to us.  There was this awesome magic show during one of the breaks, where the lady changed outfits amazingly fast with just a whip of the little sash thing LOL.. you have to see to know what I'm talking about, it was pretty AWESOME!  Check it out on YouTube!  After the magic show this huge walleye blimp soared around the arena dropping coupons and hockey pucks, the kids LOVED it!  All in all a fantastic time :)
So, let's talk about yesterday... CHRISTMAS CAME EARLY FOR THIS GIRL!  The Beachbody Santa Claus delivered this box on my doorstep, it was sitting there waiting for me when I pulled into the driveway when I got home from work...... can you guess what's inside?!  Oh yes, this would be my P90X2 System!  WOOT!
I torn into this box like it WAS Christmas morning LOL!  Take a look at all my goods!  January 2nd is the big start date.  I complete my first round of P90X on Dec 30 and will dive head first into X2.  Can't wait!
Didn't want to unwrap anything yet. Want it to be brand spankin new for when I start Day 1!
Yesterday in the mail I also received my FREE TurboFire t-shirt from entering the Beachbody Challenge!  LOVE IT!  Beachbody is so good to me :)
Have you entered the Beachbody Challenge yet?  You totally should!  You could win FREE stuff just like I did :)  Go to my website and click on the "Take The Beachbody Challenge" button on the left hand side of the page. It's sooo easy!  Go on... :)  And if you want to take it a step futher, you can always join my January NEW YEAR TO A NEW YOU Group Challenge, it starts Jan. 2.

Have a great week guys! 

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