Happy short week everyone! Well, at least for me it is anyway, I was lucky enough to have yesterday off for MLK Day!  Had a nice long weekend, but glad to be back in the routine.   Let me recap my weekend for ya... Saturday, Tony and I had a nice little outing, fun-filled with shopping and dinner at the Olive Garden.  We are both doing P90X2, but normally workout at different times of the day, but since we were both going to be home all weekend we decided to do our workouts together!  In order to do that we needed to head out to the sports store and grab an extra foam roller and stability ball.  Dick's Sporting Goods had awesome deals and I think we got both for just under $30, steal!  Sunday we did the X2 Balance & Power workout and yesterday we did X2 Core.  I came to find out that I got rather frustrated working out with him because he is MUCH stronger than me and can do more of the moves for a longer period of time.  Not good for my competitive side LOL :)  He had to remind me that we are two totally different body types, not to mention genders!  In the end, yes, I got it, but I still tried to keep up with him ;)  Which is good because he pushed me to my max!  Oh.. speaking of P90X2, check out my hat Beachbody sent me!  LOL....  love this company, they just keep sending me stuff!  I LOVE stuff!
Sunday we had some fun outside with the kiddos in the snow... which is now completely GONE and 58 degrees today!  Only in Ohio :)  But, glad we got the kids outside in the snow while it lasted, it was lots of fun and a lot of work pulling the sled up and down the hill! Extra workout snuck in there!
Definitely a relaxing weekend, even had some time to catch up on my reading in my book PUSH and do an at home man/pedi!  Nice, right!?  Love it when I can fit in these small little things that help me keep my sanity :)  Speaking of sanity... did ya'll know that this girl is turning the big 3-0 in a week roughly!?!?  Say what?!?  I know... I can't believe it either!  Looking forward to it actually and I'm totally looking forward to the weekend too since we'll be celebrating on Saturday!  Can't wait!  I'm sure I'll post more next week and give ya the whole rundown on how much fun we had... and I might get a little sentimental as I near the HUGE milestone in my life :)
So as I wrap up this post, I'm also finishing my delicious lunch.  Last night the hubs made salmon patties for dinner (I was skeptical).  To my surprise, they were PHENOMENAL!  Thank goodness there were leftovers because it made for the perfect lunch!  Thanks honey, I'm going to try and let ya have more credit in the kitchen, I'm always skeptical about what he attempts to make, and 9 times out of 10, it's a hit!
Have a great rest of the week all!  I'm looking forward to teaching 3 Turbo classes, getting together with friends and keeping on track with my current Beachbody Challengers with our fitness!  Have a good one!

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