Almost the weekend ya'll!!!!! I'm happy to report that today is Day 4 of the 5 Day Inferno Plan that I've been doing all week and I've lost 5lbs so far!  The best part about the plan (besides the 5lbs weight loss) is the snacks... they've got me snacking like crazy on this plan!  I've read this a lot in magazine, from fitness programs, trainers and nutritionists, eating small snacks throughout the day is better than having 3 big square meals a day.  Some call this grazing, I call it snacking.  And I LOVE to snack!  So, here's some great healthy snack ideas I came across this week, enjoy!  And HOORAY for Friday tomorrow!

1. Homemade Trail Mix
A handful of walnuts, a pinch of mini chocolate chips (dark chocolate of course) and a pinch of raisins and tada!  A sweet, chewy, nutty treat :)

2.  Apple Slices with Low Fat Cheese
Personally I like to dip my apples in all natural Jif peanut butter, but if I'm going the cheese route, I'll go non-fat philly cream cheese.  Delish!

3.  Baby Carrots and Hummus
This is a quick easy snack.  Grab a handful of those cute little baby carrots and a few dollops of hummus in a bowl (refrain from eating from the container, you tend to over do it).

4.  Egg Salad Surprise
I use 1 whole hard-boiled egg and 1 hard-boiled egg, egg whites only.  Chop it up, add 1/4 cup of non-fat cottage cheese, a squeeze of dijon mustard and a sprinkle of dill and spread it on a mini flat wheat bread.  YUM!

5.  Orange Delight
I take a can of those mini mandarin oranges, rinse them and mix them with a half a cup of plain non-fat greek yogurt and a sprinkle of stevia sweetener.  If I want a little crunch, I add a handful of bran flakes.  Soooo good :)

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