Good morning fit friends :)  Yes, it's true, we started Phase 2 of the Ultimate Reset yesterday and from here on out we are COMPLETELY VEGAN.  I never thought I would see the day that my 'meat & potatoes' man would be a vegan!  Well at least temporarily anyway ;)  I can't see him staying a vegan, although I might give it a try, surprisingly I am not missing the meat like the hubs is.  Anywho!  I can't believe we are a 1/3 of the way done, that first week flew by!  I have to say this isn't as challenging as I thought it was going to be, it is def a challenge don't get me wrong, but I'm really enjoying.  All the meals have been absolutely delicious and nothing to complain about, of course except the Alkaline supplement, which is totally like a dream compared to the supplement we introduced in Phase 2..... the DETOX.  Okay, okay... really, it's not that bad, actually I took it this morning on Day 2 of Phase 2 and it went down much easier than yesterday which was the first day that it was introduced.  It's got a weird taste, it's almost like a peppery, sweet taste and and I will say this, it is definitely not one of these detox supplements where you take it and bolt to the bathroom ;)  Nothing like that, it's been very gentle on the digestion system so far.  So yeah, still using the other supplements daily and now also with the detox so things are moving right along! 

This week I'm going to try and focus on getting in some light low impact workouts, last week I did a few walks and one day of Tai Cheng, I could have done more, but I think in my mind I'm taking advantage of the not working out part LOL :)  It's nice to have a break and let your body rest and it is really bizarre that in this first week I am down about 3lbs, so score!  So this week, I'm committing to doing yoga, Tai Cheng and brisk walks. 

Talk with ya'll tomorrow, a video coming soon on how Phase 2 is

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