Well hello there!  Long time no post, right?!  I've been busy fit friends... Recently I've been preparing for the ULTIMATE Challenge.  The Ultimate Reset Challenge that is, brought to you non other than the fab company Beachbody :)  Most perceive this challenge as a cleanse or detox, but in fact it is not JUST those things, although during this 21 day program you will experience those benefits.  Think of it as an inner body tune up.... You know the havoc that the awesome program Insanity has on your outer body, well think of the Ultimate Reset as Insanity for the inside of your body.  Very much looking forward to this program, I'm very lucky because I have the support of not only 20+ people in a private support group, but my dear hubby Tony is doing it with me.  His support will be key, together we are going to make sure we both finish, with flying colors :)

Today is DAY 1!  I will be posting every day of this 21 day cleanse, my goal is to monitor my every move so that I can relay the message and outcome to YOU, my fit favs :)  The program encourages you to think of it as a 3 phase process, week 1 is PHASE 1, where we RECLAIM our body and prepare it for change, in this phase we'll slowly remove red meat and dairy, which are known to place stress on the digestive system.  So here we go.... DAY 1!

We started the day with our 3 mandatory supplements: MINERALIZE, OXYGENIZE & OPTIMIZE.  All the supplements went down easy!  For breakfast we had scrambled eggs, steamed kale with roasted pine nuts and 2 pieces of whole grain toast, it was very filling and surprisingly good!  I was nervous about the steamed kale, but I splashed lemon on it and the pine nuts were a delicious touch.  Since strenuous exercise is not encouraged on the Reset we opted for a nice relaxing walk on the beach..... I could def. get used to this!  Downfalls so far... not many, I do have a bit of a headache but that is to be expected.
Lunch was a microgreens salad with homemade garlic cream dressing, YUM!  I was getting a pretty bad headache right before lunch, but once I got to eat, it went away!  Very delish salad and filling.
Aaaand here's the kicker!  LOL.. ok, I heard of the GREEN MONSTER aka Alkalinize :)  This stuff is tough to choke down, BUT it's not awful, and the benefits of balancing out my pH levels greatly outweigh the discomfort on my tastebuds.... so bottoms up and SUCK IT UP BUTTERCUP :)
Successfully made it past the green monster and took the snack option and had my Chocolate Vegan Shakeology before my evening supplements.  Dinner was FANTASTIC, normally I'm not a salmon kinda gal but this was very good!

Safe to say I successfully made it through DAY 1 of the Reset, just a mild headache throughout the day, I'm definitely feeling satisfied on the food front, normally after dinner I'm either left stuffed or wanting more, tonight I have no cravings and do not feel overly full at all.  This is a nice feeling, I could definitely get used to this :)  20 more days to go!  Bring on DAY 2!

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