Well.... Happy HUMP Day fit friends!  Are we mid-week already?!  Time flies when you are having fun huh :)  OK!  Let's recap the week so far....  So, I started the week with the new program ChaLEAN Extreme, an intensive 90 day weight training program (click on this video below for more deets!)
I'm in to Day 3 and loving it!  Here... I'm going to post my accountability below, what I've completed this week and what I WILL complete by the end of this week!  Tracking is a GREAT way to stay on track, especially when you put it out there for all the world to see!

MONDAY:  Burn Circuit 1 - CHECK!

TUESDAY:  Rest Day (I practiced my TurboKick rounds though - back to teaching in September!)

WEDNESDAY:  Burn Circuit 2 - CHECK!

THURSDAY:  Burn Intervals + Ab Burner

FRIDAY:  Burn Circuit 3

SATURDAY:  Burn It Off + Recharge

SUNDAY:  Rest Day

There ya have it!  Down in writing, I WILL get it done! 

I am also doing a great accountability workshop with my August Challenge group... This week we are utilizing each day to stay motivated with themes!  Yeah, for example Monday was Meat(less) Protein Monday!  They had to post a protein that had that day!

Tuesday was Treat Tuesday!  Post a healthy treat you indulged in that day! I even have VIDEO on my QUICK treat, UNDER 200 calories!
TODAY, Wednesday is Wet (Sweat) Wednesday!  They have to post a pic of them after their workout, gettin' their SWEAT session on!
The remainder of the week is a SURPRISE!  Sorry!  Gotta keep my challengers on their toes and I know they read these blogs so.... unitl tomorrow! :) 

OK!  That's all for today, off to get this Wednesday rollin'!  So I leave you with some WISDOM.... Have a good one all!  Make it count!

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