OK!  It's Day 1 of the TurboFire 5 Day Inferno Plan!  What a great way to start a Sunday!  For me the week always starts on Sunday.  I know, I know, it is a to be a day of rest... and mostly it is.  I utilize Sundays to plan for the week ahead, makes Monday not so much of a bear ;)  Anywho!  On this Sunday, I have one goal in mind... GETTING HOT FOR THE WEEKEND! Yes, Friday we leave for Florida for my cousin's wedding and I plan to tackle the next 5 days of this Inferno to be 'weekend ready' :)  Went grocery shopping last night, got all the food I need to follow the Inferno nutrition plan, took my measurements, even did some before photos.  I will be committed to tracking ALL my calories on My Fitness Pal this week.  I have a confession :(  I'm soooo bad about tracking my food!  Not this week, MFP is going to be my best friend for the next 5 days :)  Rocked out some Fire 55EZ this morning, breakfast was delish and I'm ready to get on with the rest of this wonderful Sunday :) Talk to you tomorrow fit beauties, tomorrow's workout is a double!  Fire 45 (my fav) and a HIIT 20... whew!  On Fiyah!

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