Hi Friends!  I'm happy to annouce that I completed 90 days of Turbofire!  Yes, 15 weeks down!  I still have 4 more weeks of the program left to go since TurboFire is a 20 week program, but 90 days is the milestone and I did it!  I'm proud to announce that since my last measurement 30 days ago, I've lost 1/8 of an inch off each arm & 1 inch off my waist AND hips!  My weight has stayed the same since 30 days ago, but that's ok, I have inches lost and that to me is better than weight lost because I've gained muscle and we all know muscle weighs more than fat :)  So, since starting Turbofire back on March 28, 2011 I'v lost 15 inches and 15 lbs TOTAL!  WOW!  I'm super excited and totally cannot wait to finish up the last 4 weeks of TurboFire and head into ChaLEAN Extreme.  I'm over the moon with this program, it worked like a gem for me!  If I can do this, you totally can do this!  What workout programs have worked for you? 

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