WARNING:  Gaga ALERT!  Ya'll know I'm goo goo for GAGA.  Here's my latest Gaga find.  Her Viva Glam MAC lipstick in pink :)  Love it!  What Gaga fan isn't complete without her very own Gaga lipstick, right?!  All you fellow Little Monster can relate, right?!  Haha, I know some of you think, "How on earth can someone love Lady Gaga that much?!"  My response to that... I know you know who she is and what she LOOKS like, you've heard her music, but have you ever actually sat down and LISTENED to her speak?  Like words, like actual conversation.  She is one of the the most real, intriguing & inspiring individuals I've ever come across.  She is a true story of someone who fought her way from the bottom and never stopped believing in her dream.  She truly believed in her own mind she was a rockstar before anyone even knew her name.  She faced scrutiny, negativity and backlash in her fight to the top, but she never gave up.  That's character right there and despite what some may think of her, you can't take that away from her.  Don't judge this book by it's cover, she's a phenomenal read, you just have to learn to read this one between the lines ;) 

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