Hey hey all!  I took a week off from writing, I'm wondering if all the wonderful weather we've been having had something to do with it :)  Really... we are being spoiled with this mild winter here in Northwestern Ohio!  I'm not complaining, that is FOR SURE!  So does anyone else feel like there are just not enough hours in the day?  I'm so blaming this one on Daylight savings, why the heck does it have to entail losing one whole hour!?  I'll take the extra daylight... just not losing the extra hour, right!?  LOL... ah well, bottom line is I'm healthy, happy and grateful for the hours I DO have.  So a brand new week is upon us, I'm happy to stay that for the next 2 weeks I'll be going strong in phase 3 of P90X2, I'm very happy with my progress and I've been researching/contemplating my next program... which I'm thinking might be INSANITY.  Yikes!  I'm ready to get my cardio on though, 60 days of pure high intense cardio workouts, that should get me all set for summer!  60 days and counting!  I mean we are already experiencing some hints of summer, with 75 degree weather this past weekend, made for an awesome St. Patty's day!  Got out on the Harley and indulged in my one green beer Saturday afternoon, so nice to get out, lots of fun :)
Saturday night, the lil fam and I joined some friends for a special St. Patty's Day party for the kiddos... I love this pic below, it's of all the kids with the yummy green cuppycakes, and don't mind that they all looked possessed, that's all thanks to the flash on my iPhone LOL :)  But, I do have to brag on my little godson (yes, he's the one making the funny/scary face LOL)!!  You see he does this for every picture just to get under this mother's (my BBF) skin, and I FRIGGIN LOVE IT!  Hahaha!!!  I'm sorry, this cracks me up, he's 3, and he's a boy.... would you expect anything less?! 
All in all, a fantastic weekend!  So ready to start this week off with a bang!  Lots to look forward to, lots to get done... have a good one fit friends!

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