Ohhh fit friends!  As I sit here writing this I'm about 48 hours away from turning the big 3-0!  It's all too hard to believe really, but yet it's really about to happen!  I can't complain.. my first 30 years have been a wild ride, the things I've done, experienced and learned have all gotten me to this point in life right now and I'll tell ya what... I couldn't be happier ;)  So.. why don't I share with you how I celebrated (yes, I celebrated a week early, because I'll be gone to Florida this weekend *more on that in a min.)  Saturday was the big night... my chicas, my family, some long time friends and my love hit up The Reserve Bar & Grill at The Kalahari for a night of dinner, drinks and F-U-N!  The night was complete with the 3-0 glasses, fun decorations and cupcakes that spelled out, you guessed it... 3-0!  One thing that makes turning 30 easier... one of my best girlfriends since like grade school turns the big 3-0 just a day after me.... having my pal, Sarah, crossing over that hump makes it ten times easier for sure!
The night went perfect... we laughed, we danced and we definitely sampled all the fun fruity drinks that were being handed to us!  Couldn't have asked for a better night!  Enjoy the fruity drink montage below!
Wooo! Ok, enough of that! LOL :)   So you can bet that Sunday was a LAZY day for us, we managed not to over do it too bad, but we were out LATE and I gotta tell ya, this mama need her rest!  Haha.. must be the age talkin' huh ;)  Well, my week has been off to a great start, I'm fully prepared to crossover to the ripe age of 30 and it's kind of a surreal feeling because as I turn this milestone age I'm also doing something that I've NEVER done before and is completely out of my comfort zone.  This Friday, the day after my birthday, I am leaving for Orlando, FL... on my own.  This is only the second time I've flown at all and will be flying by myself to Orlando to attend a Dani Johnson conference.  I've talked about how I've been following Dani Johnson for a few months now on here and I made the decision last month that this is something that I want to do for myself.  As I turn this milestone age I'm bound and determined to make things happen for myself.  After the past year of self improvement, I feel like this is the next level experience that I need to take in order to reach some of the goals that I've set for myself this year.  This just isn't about me.  I'm doing this because I know in my heart that there is so much more out there for me to gain so that I can in turn become more valuable and be able to give my family the life that they deserve.  Am I unsatisfied with the current place I'm at in my life right now?  That answer is a definite NO.  I'm very satisfied with the life I have now.  I have an amazing husband, who I love more now than I did 15 years ago when we walked hand in hand down the halls of our high school.  I have two wonderful children, that I have NO CLUE how I ever lived without.  My parents and family are the best, most understanding and supportive people I could ever be blessed with and friends that I would go to the ends of the earth for.  I'm very blessed and I have a gorgeous life.  That's exactly why I want to do this and DO MORE.  If I've learned anything in this passed year, it is that when you start to get comfortable being uncomfortable, then that's when big things start to happen.  I've witnessed it and I've experienced it first hand.  This weekend, I step OUT of my comfort zone.  I'm scared, I'm nervous... I'M TERRIFIED.  But, I still want to do this and I know that once I get there, I'll be fine and ready to take it all in.  Can't wait to report back to ya'll on this amazing experience and if there's one thing I encourage you to do... Just do one thing you could NEVER see yourself doing... if it's crazy bizarre cool, then DO IT.  If it's something you find yourself saying, "now if THAT could happen to me that'd be wicked cool!"  Then you my friend need to find a way to GET that!  Just do it... just ONE thing out of your comfort zone.  The feeling is exhilarating... I PROMISE.   Wish me luck guys... to 30... here goes nothin!!!!!
1/24/2012 02:37:31 am

First off, age is only a number and you're only as old as you feel. Second, you'll be just fine on that flight. Enjoy your trip!! :)

1/24/2012 04:28:55 am

Thanks Lauren ;)


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