Hey hey all!  So today is the 1st day of Lent!  Now I can't assume that all of you follow the same faith as I do, that's just silly, but as a devote Catholic and a woman of strong faith I will totally be partaking in the Lenten season.  During Lent it is customary for those to give up something that we consider a luxury, something we could easily do without OR there is also the option to add something to your life, like making a commitment to add a good deed or positive change.  This year, I'm giving up make up!  I love my make up, I have at least 3 make up bags and you will never see me out and about without make up on.  Soooo, yep, 40 days, NO MAKE UP!  The pic above I took this morning, absolutely no make up, just moisturizer!  This is going to be interesting, I can't wait to see how this effects my everyday life.  I will tell you one thing, my 'get ready' time will be cut WAY DOWN!  I'm looking forward to this new idea :)  Are you giving anything up for Lent?

So let's talk about this weekend!  It was a loooong one for me, in a good way!  Took Friday off and had a great time with the family at The Great Wolf Lodge!  The kids are at the perfect age now where we can go on all the waterslides!  So fun!  One of their favorite things to do... stand under the huge bucket of water LOL!  My favorite... the hot tub :)
Wooooosh! Haha.. Mari is in the blue, purple and green bikini and Hai is right next to her in the orange trunks!
Saturday I had an awesome Turbo class bright and early and when I got home I was surprised that the UPS man has delivered the much anticipated bag of Tropical Shakeology!
The verdict... I give it a 7 out 10.  I like it, it smells phenomenal, but it lacks (for me) in texture and volume.  Meaning, the texture is not as smooth as I'm used to and the volume is very thin, I like a thick shake and Chocolate still stands at #1 for me!  The flavor of Tropical is very good and if definitely has that smoothies effect to it so I could def. go for one every now and then if I'm feeling fruity :) 

Sunday and Monday were totally relaxing days, had a house full of kids on Monday since it was President's Day and no school, so the kids had their besties over to play :)  Can't believe it's already Wednesday!  Ahhh the benefits of a shortened week!  Hope the week is treating you well!  Looking forward to teaching my first Turbo class of the week tonight!  Do you have a workout on tap for tonight?  Maybe you got one in already?  Share with us!

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