This morning I got a spray tan for the first time EVER! It's been over a year and a half since I've tanned in a tanning bed and I have no intentions of going back ever again.  I've made this decision to live a healthly and fit life and that doesn't stop with my actual health and well-being.  Skin cancer is on the rise and I'm seeing way too much of it around me and to others that I care about.  So, with that being said I'm taking the alternate route and getting a spray tan for the wedding this weekend.  And I gotta say, I think it turned out really good!  You may not be able to tell in this pic, but I am darker than I was before.  The process was interesting to say the least :)  I was so terrified of not turning when I was suppose to and getting sprayed twice on the front and then having an unbalanced tan... I kept thinking, "Oh dear, I'm gonna have a Ross moment from Friends!"  LOL... luckily, it all worked out and I did fine!  I would so recommend it!  I had a coupon, so I only paid $10 for "The Works", but without a coupon it would cost around $37, not too bad, considering your other option of risking your skin to cancer.  But, I'm happy with the outcome:  Two thumbs up!

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