Wedding season has officially kicked off!  Well, it has officially kicked off in my busy summer schedule anway.  I LOVE weddings.  Something about getting all dressed up and just celebrating love is so magical and so fun!  I never get to dress up in a dress and do my hair up, so when I get the opportunity I definitely take it and run with it :)  The best part about the wedding that we attended this past weekend was the cake.  Not only because I'm a sweets junkie at heart, but this wedding cake looked identical to our wedding cake!  5 tiers of creamy frosting goodness, the only difference was that the ribbon along the bottom of the tiers was black, ours was green.  But, still GORGEOUS, non the less.  But, what made this particular wedding unique was that it was GREEK.  We even got to partake in a tradition greek dance!  Very interesting, I don't think we had the foot work down at all, not even for a second, but it was still fun and I'm glad we gave it a try.  1st wedding of the summer was a success and I look forward to many more this summer!  Who else is getting married this year?  Are you ready to take the plunge??

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