Happy Friday ya'll!  Well for me anway ;)  Tomorrow I will be well on my way to Kelley's Island for 4 glorious days of island life!  I plan to catch as many rays as possible, do some boating and front porch sitting!  I'm all packed and am so ready to go.  Don't worry, I don't plan to fall completely off the wagon with my fitness and nutrition.  Tony and I have planned ahead for some nutritious meals to make at the cabin and we even packed a bag with our travel friendly workout gear; resistance bands, weighted gloves, etc.   But, I think what we both are looking forward to is yoga on the lakeside, really don't need much for that, just yourself, some piece of mind and a whole lotta stretching :)  Here's to a fabulous weekend it will be indeed!  I can hear the Casino, Bag the Moon (strawberry shots included) & West Bay calling my name now..... I'll be there soon!

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