Happy Monday loves!  I hope you all enjoyed  your fabulous weekend!  So many things to share with you, but this post in particular is dedicated to an amazing find I came across last week while I was in the city, Downtown Cleveland to be exact!  So most of you know that aside from fitness, my passion also resides with all things unique, fashionable, daring and downright inspiring!  Well, let me first start off by saying that this 'find' exudes ALL of those characteristics and SO much more!  So, last Thursday it was gorgeous out and I decided to venture outdoors on my lunch break and came across a sign for a little shop that screamed at me, for one, it said trendy, unique, $20 or less and was covered in zebra print.... ummmm SOLD!  It sucked me right in :)  I walked in (mind you the space is about the size of a walk in closet, very cute, very quaint) and was greeted by Megan, the store owner, with the brightest smile and a welcome that already had me feeling at home.  I got to talking to Megan while I browsed her selection of fabulous trends, I learned that the she called the store LivFunky, a name thought up by her daughter Oliva, brilliant, right?!  I was so intrigued by this little store I just had to ask what made her want to start a little shop like this.   [Here's the inspiring part].  Megan used to work in marketing for the Cleveland Clinic hospitals, she made pretty good money doing it too, paying CASH MONEY for a BMW.  She said something to me that resonated in my heart and what she said was, "Money will not make you happy, it makes things easier, but it will not make you happy."  Wow.  Megan recently quit her job making all that money to follow her dream of giving others the ability to look and feel good about themselves at a reasonable price.  HELLO!  INSPIRATION NATION RIGHT THERE!!  Not only is this woman a fashion inspiration, but she also lost over 100lbs and looks FAN-FREAKIN-TASTIC!  I was so blown away by how much of a connection I felt with this shop and this woman, that I just had to share this on the blog, THIS is what FitLiz is all about.  It's about being healthy, while being fabulous, while helping others and giving a sense of inspiration to those who just need a PUSH, a friend, a reason to believe that anything is possible when you put your mind to it. 

Check this store out, you will NOT be disappointed!  Just to give you an idea of the score you can get at this awesome shop.... I landed a pair of True Religion jeans that retail for $285 a pop.... yep, I got em at LivFunky for $20 :)  They are located in Downtown Cleveland at 815 Superior Ave.  They have NO online presence, you will not find a Facebook page nor a website of this place.  You want more info, please feel free to contact me! 

Have an AMAZING week fit friends!  Make it great :)

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