Half way through May you say?!!?  Say what?!  And you know what else my fit beauties... and it actually just dawned on me as I glanced up at the calendar, it has been ONE YEAR since I started this blog!!!!!!  Can you flippin' believe that?!  Holy wow... I was not prepared for this so I'm just gonna roll with it LOL!  A year ago, I was pretty much starting from scratch with my very own Beachbody Challenge, wanting something better for my body and outlook on life, I was brand new into TurboFire and had no clue what that opportunity held for me!  Looking back, in a nutshell here's what I came of ordering a copy of TurboFire, which was exactly around the same time that I started this blog!  Geez... where do I start?! 

OK... [DEEP BREATH].... Ordered a copy of Turbo online / became a Beachbody Coach / started this blog / fell in love with Turbo / got certified to teach Turbo / completed my 90 journey with TurboFire and lost a total of 35lbs / sent in my TurboFire success story to Beachbody in hopes of being cast in the next infomercial / rank advanced to Emerald in by Beachbody business / scored a Fit Club at a gym in Downtown Cleveland / Started creating monthly Challenge Groups online to help others with their fitness goals / turned my Beachbody business completely around and started tapping into Dani Johnson / lit a fire underneath my parenting and marriage skills, taking them to the next level / attended a LIVE Dani Johnson event in Orlando, FL / scored 3 TurboKick classes that I teach regularly 3 times a week / rank advanced in my Beachbody business to Ruby / a week later rank advanced to Diamond / Currently holding a 1 star diamond qualification status / debuted on the TurboFire informercial / leading a team of rockstar coaches that not only transformed their lives, but make it their passion to help transform the lives of others in the same way / attended another Dani Johnson event with my husband / brings me to where I am right this very moment / LOVING LIFE / MY LIFE DOES NOT LOOK THE SAME AS IT DID A YEAR AGO!!!!!!!  It is 100% better, more fulfilled, more passionate, more dreams, more EVERYTHING!!!!

Ok wow... I was not expecting this type of post today!!  This is the first time I've actually listed some of the major things that have happened in my life in this past year.... I did a whole heck of ALOT!  And I know I'm leaving somethings out!  I'm humbled, so very  humbled right now.  To think that all of the things I listed stemmed from a simple purchase that I honestly thought was just gonna help me get in shape.  It shaped me up alright, in more ways than one. There's a lesson here, many of them actually.  Right now I'm going to take a moment and reflect on this, as it kinda crept up on me LOL! 

Know one thing my dear friends... Each of you hold something deep inside of you, something greater than even you know.  No way a year ago would I ever have thought I was capable of doing any one of these things I just listed above.  All I know is that I had a vision, a dream, I wanted it REAL bad and I wasn't stopping til I got there and I'm not stopping now as the vision, the dream is much much bigger now, I can't wait to look back a year from now and see just what I accomplished this year. 

This is a good reminder that sometimes you have to take a step back and reflect on all that you have accomplished, stop worrying about how much more you have to do and how much farther you have to do, and open your eyes and take a look back at what it was you did achieve..... WOW. 

Have a good week and do me a favor, take 10 minutes and jot down what all you accomplished last year and then get a blank piece of paper and write down what it is you want to accomplish this year... Oh you will be surprised :)

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