Hello fit beauties!  Have to start the post off with a little FLEX FRIDAY, of course!  Have to tell you, this is my first week back post Ultimate Reset and into my workouts and I'm feeling fantastic!  Nutrition has been on point, workouts are explosive and I even lost a pound this week too!  SCORE! 
Have been doing the Les Mills Combat program and it is NO JOKE, my body is SORE! In a good way :)  And all the punches and kicks are really forcing me to use my core and my midsection just feels tighter in one weeks time, so I'm definitely digging the MMA style workouts. 
Of course what always comes with a hardcore workout is a raging appetite, so I've been fueling my body right with protein packed breakfasts like the one above (egg whites with oatmeal, strawberries, raspberries and flaxseed), really revs up my metabolism and keeps me going throughout the morning.  Plus my Shakeology has been doing the job too for most of my mid-afternoon snacks, which is perfect for a mid-afternoon slump buster. 
ALRIGHT!  On to the fun stuff!  Soooooo :)  Tomorrow is my birthday :)  We are heading to downtown Cleveland for some fun with friends Saturday night and I am STOKED!  Got my outfit picked out, accessories lined up, hair did, nails did... BOOM!  I think I'm ready to parrrr-taaay!  Nothing to crazy though :)  Gonna hit up the casino, do dinner at the Naughi Mermaid and bounce around 4th Street!  And then Sunday we are going to B-Spot for lunch!  Going to be a FABULOUS weekend!  Have a FUN. FIT. FAB one yourselves!
Oh my beautiful fit friends!  How are you?!  I know it has been FOREVER since I posted over here :)  I have to tell you 2012 year's end was massive for goal setting.  I had to take a long hard look at what I was doing, how I was doing it and why.  And the answer has always been very clear in my mind.  I do this because it is my passion.  It is what I was meant to do!  I can't tell you how much I love seeing you guys strive to be the best YOU that you can be.  Over the course of 2012, I witnessed some amazing transformations......
I made some INCREDIBLE fit friendships along the way, renewed some existing ones and nurtured the the ones that stood by me.  THANK YOU for an amazing year!

So as you know I'm BIG on goals.  Setting them, achieving them and just plain go gettin' em!  I'm currently doing a 30 PUSH challenge with 300 other people and we are setting some priorities, writing down our top 10 CRAZY COOL goals for 2013 and just getting right with our time management and F-O-C-U-S.  We're currently on Day 4 and it's going AH-MAZING.  Which brought me back to this blog to review my 10 goals that I set for myself in 2012, can I just say WOW!  I accomplished A LOT!  Not everything, not because I failed, but because my priorities changed.  That that's OK! So in true FitLiz fashion, I'm gonna stick with tradition and post my 10 goals for 2013.  I have to say, these are WAY more out of my comfort zone than those that were set in 2012.  I totally raised the bar on myself and didn't even realize it!  Here it goes.... In 2013... I WILL:
PUSH GOAL:  Obtain 5 Star Diamond in by Beachbody business by September - earning ELITE status.
[ def.  Push Goal ::  A goal that when accomplished, will PUSH all your other goals into achievement. ]

1.  Increase my Beachbody income 100% - doubling what I made in 2012.  Leave my JOB, and work full time on my passion and fortune.

2.  Pay off last credit card by June.   Student loan and car paid off by December.

3.  Grow FitLiz to a nationally recognized brand.

4.  Tony and I take a 1 on 1 vacation to Mexico or Florida Keys.  Family vacation to NYC.

5.  1,000 followers on InstaGram

6.  Create at least 1 high impact video on my YouTube channel a month that provides quality information and service to others.

7.  Organize our basement as a rec room where we can spend time together as a family.

8.  Family dinner 1x a month (entire family, immediate and extended, we host)

9.  Sunday - reserved for family day - nothing else.

10.  Fitness.  Weigh in at 120lbs, bf% below 15%

There ya have it!  I'm ready!  2013 HERE WE COME!!
HAPPY FRIDAY!!  We made it to the weekend!  A quick post this will be today because I have some exciting news to share with you :)  But, it'll have to wait til the end.... I know, I'm so mean :)   It's been a FANTASTIC week, I did some reflecting because I recently came across an old picture of myself prior to being 'FitLiz', literally.  Take a look.....
Yeah.... on the left was me in my early 20s.  I think I was around 190 in that picture.  Obviously the right is me today at 30 years old :)  Sometimes when I get down on myself because I'm not seeing the results I want fast enough I have to remind myself of how far I've come.  I know many of you are thinking, what the heck!  She's still not happy with the after pic?!  LOL :)  No, I'm plenty happy with the after pic, it's just that as we get better, we want to DO MORE because we are capable of more, right?  That's how we get better.  We are all a work in progress no matter what stage of the game we are in.  Just had to share that with ya :)  Remember, it's not about how far you still have yet to go, it's about how far you've come ;) 
OK!  So if we are friends on Facebook, you would know that I've been trying to decide what dress to wear for my cousin's fancy dancy wedding coming up in Florida in November.... well, I finally chose!  And I found some FAB shoes to go with!!  Whatcha think??!!   I'm pretty much all set!  Just need some jewelry, which I plan to get from Charming Charlie's and a cute silver clutch, which I didn't see any at Charming Charlie's I liked the last time I was in there.... any ideas where I can find a cute silver clutch and not break the bank?!  Suggestions welcome!  Let me know!!
And lastly :)  Are you ready for my surprise??  I'm pretty excited about this... I was asked to do a guest blog post on F2BF focusedtobefit.com, this is a fitness gal pal of mine that I met through the internet at the start of my fitness journey, before Beachbody, before TurboFire. I, like most people when in search of 'how to get healthy', I Googled it :) And I found this fun chica named Lauren and her fitness blog!  Her blog inspired me to create my own... FitLiz! A year and a half later she has become a great friend in fitness, among other things, and I'm super excited that next Tuesday my post will debut on F2BF! Will be talking about weight training, how important it is and how CLX has changed the face of fitness for me :)  YAY!!!  So tune in next week and I'll be sure to share the post with you!  In the meantime, go and check out Lauren's blog!  She embodies everything we practice here over at FitLiz, she's fun, fit and fabulously cool :)  You will love it!
Hello all!  So I guess tomorrow is OFFICIALLY the first day of Fall, huh?!  Where in the world did September go?!  I guess we can officially say GOODBYE to summer and HELLO to Fall!  I really do love my summertime, it is by far THE BEST season of all, IMO anyway :)  But, I must say that the Fall Fashion is def. my fav in the clothing department!  Standing outside today waiting with the kiddos I busted out my fav faux fur hoodie, I just love that thing!  I get a lot of stares with this thing when I actually put the hood up.... a dad at the bus stop with his daughter, asked me, "Where are the dogs??"  I was like, huh?!  And he was like, "You know... you're huskies?"  Funny guy!!!  LOL ;)  Certainly gave me a little chuckle, let's see what I can come up with next week for a funny zing from funny guy dad at the bus stop.... I have the perfect item!  Next week, I'll bust out my SpiritHood, which is a stocking cap (made of faux fur, of course!) and it actually has ears and paws like a cheetah :D  Can't wait!
OK then!  So we've established that we are nearing Fall and guess what else.... IF you can believe it, Oct 1 marks the 1 YEAR anniversary since I started my VERY FIRST Challenge group.  Can you BELIEVE that!?  One year!  I'm in the process of putting together all my personal challengers (whom I personally worked with) weight-loss success stories!  I will also be putting together a special for ONE very lucky challenger who signs up for the Oct challenge group!  Stay tuned for details, you DON'T want to miss it and maybe win your chance into the Return of the Routine challenge group with a FABULOUSLY awesome deal on a challenge pack!  Finish the last 90 days of 2012 with a rockin' body and ring in 2013, your BEST YEAR EVER!
Yes!  Lots going on starting October 1!  What else am I adding to October you ask?  Another challenge?  YESSSS :)  This one is not fitness related (although... it VERY much can be!)  It's called a PUSH challenge.  What's a PUSH challenge?  It's FREE and it will last for 30 days, it is a support group that I will hold on Facebook and is geared towards helping you with time management with a calendar and how to utilize a to-do list, define goals that align with your priorities and create a plan to reach them, get organized, get support and tools you need to reach your goals and form habits that will bring you success in all you do.  How bout that?!  I am extending this offer through the weekend, if you want in you must commit to it by Monday morning September 24th!  Email me, message or friend me on Facebook and let me know that you are IN!
And lastly, but certainly not least, I must give you an update on my personal fitness, right?!  What kind of fitness blogger would I be if I didn't?!  So, I'm pretty excited that this weekend I am BACK AT IT, with the 5Ks that is!  Tomorrow I will run in my first Fall 5K!  The last one I ran in was back in May for a wonderful cause.  And as always, I run for a cause, as I will be doing tomorrow as well :)  The Alexa Brown 5K in Clyde, OH.  This cause is for a little girl whose ever so bravely battled cancer and unfortunately succombed to disease.  It is with a heavy heart I run in honor of this little girl, it does my heart peace knowing I can support in lieu of this nasty killer that has claimed some beautiful lives, some that I've known and loved dearly.  Really excited for this event and can't wait to see some all the great people that come out to support!
That's all folks!  Jump on some of these awesome opportunities I presented you with today (you know how to reach me!), even the 5K if you are in the area, there is still time to register!  Have a FANTASTIC weekend loves!
Well hey there fit friends!  It's been awhile since I posted so let me give ya the low down on what's been a goin' on!  Still pushing play with ChaLEAN Extreme, just about to wrap up Week 2 of the Burn Phase, 2 more weeks of this phase and then it's on to the Push phase!  Really loving this program, I've lifted weights in the past, but I can tell you this, I wasn't lifting heavy enough!  Whew!  This program has got me lifting HEAVY.  And I LOVE it!  Feeling really good these days and STRONG.
Well let's see here... last weekend we celebrated my hubby's 31st birthday on Put In Bay!  What a blast.... if you are ever in OHIO in the summertime, not only is the amusement park Cedar Point a must, but you have to get over to the islands.... IMPOSSIBLE not to have a good time :)  We met up with Tony's family over there and it was nice to relax, mingle and just take in the moment.
As we close in on this week, it is becoming more and more vivid that summer is nearly over... SAD SAD FACE!  I took the kids school shopping this week and when that time comes you just know that's the end LOL!!  No, I'm excited for school to start and get back into a routine with everything, that's one thing about summer, the routine is ALL outta wack!  So in honor of getting back to normalcy, I've dedicated my September Challenge group to just that, I'm calling it, RETURN OF THE ROUTINE!  I'm enrolling challengers for the next 2 weeks, space is limited, so if you want in on this action, hit me up, let's chat about gettin' back into the swing of things!
And now I'm gonna make my shift from FIT to FAB right now :)  Yesterday I stopped out at Sephora aka my place of ADHD, haha!  Really... that store just makes me go bonkers, I want everything and I don't know where to start!  But I actually went in there with a particular item in mind..... eye color.  My MAC Lady Gaga Viva Glam palette is nearly gone and I was in need of some eye make-up ASAP!  Luckily there was a very helpful associate named Mallory there that helped me tremendously.  She understood my weakness for all the goodies in the store and kept my focus on EYES :)  She suggested the Urban Decay NAKED palette...... LOVE!  I'm pretty excited to take a shower and get ready today just to put on make up , even if I have no where to go LOL!!!
Well fitties... that about wraps up the week!  Looking forward to a nice relaxing weekend, hope you do the same!  Talk soon :)
Oh. My. Goodness.  WOW!  Talk about throwing a wrench is my whole system!  Don't worry, it was a good kinda wrench :)  So, this past Monday I returned from 5 days in Las Vegas!  I was there for the annual Beachbody Summit and it. was. AWESOME!  What an experience, totally got to connect with other beachbody coaches, totally got to workout and MEET my fav Beachbody trainers like Chalene Johnson from TurboFire and Tony Horton from P90X!  Trainer Shaun T and CEO Carl Daikeler spoke personal to our team specifically, TEAM SWARM, pictured above :)  LOVE that team!  So amazing and so many awesome ideas and concepts Beachbody is bringing to the public, they really made it an honor to be a Beachbody Coach, not that it wasn't before ;)  But now... WOW!  Let me re-cap just a bit on what's about to come from us Beachbody Coaches!
Kicked off the Summit with opening ceremonies on Friday with announcements like...
The release of Insanity The Asylum Volume 2, coming this Fall!  Wow... this brings a WHOLE new meaning to elite athletic training, how do I know... USA Olympic speed skater Apollo Ono totally uses this for this training....BOOM!
Body Beast, available NOW!  The first of it's kind out of all the Beachbody program.  Designed to build muscle mass like no other.   Trainer Sagi Kalev (dreamy! sorry honey!), is the trainer of this beast of a program whose tag line for this workout is, IF YOU WANNA GET BIG, YOU GOTTA LIFT BIG.  Hey men of men... this is totally for you!
The company is bringing all kinds of variety to the workout table with the addition to the Les Mills Pump program with MMA style workouts with COMBAT!
And take a look at THIS!  Beachbody is now offering a skin care line!  Heck yeah, get your workout on and get fit, now look even younger with this phenomenal addition!  With Derm Exclusive®, you can now watch your wrinkles go away in minutes—no needles, no lasers, no peels, and no pain. For the first time ever there is a system that is clinically proven to deliver results that are as good as—and often better than—those you’d see from treatments in a dermatologist’s office.
Of course they couldn't leave out a nutritional addition to all the annoucements.  Chocolate Vegan Shakeology is NOW available, it tastes phenomenal, I got to try it out right then and there.  So that is 4 total flavors now available in the ALL NATURAL Shakeology!
OH!  Did I mention I got to meet Chalene Johnson, creator of TurboKick, TurboJam and TurboFire!?!?!??!?!!!!  :) :)  What a beautiful soul this woman is, just LOVE her!
Whew!  So you are probably wondering... I spent all this time in VEGAS and didn't get to have and VEGAS FUN??  Ohhhhh let me stop you there!  We totally got to enjoy VEGAS!  We hit up the strip, visited NEW YORK NEW YORK, Monte Carlo, The Bellagio (the fountain show was to die for!), Planet Hollywood, The Venetian (gorgeous!  rode the gondola!)  We even hit up Madam Tussaude's wax museum, TOO FUNNY!  And if you know us.... we LOVE to ride, Harley Davidson motorcycles that is!  We rented a bike and took a cruise in the dessert and it was simply beautiful!  Check out the fun below, just a few highlight, check out the entire album on my Facebook page!  If we are  not friends, FRIEND ME!  Find me at Liz Densmore Bollini!  Now.... gotta get back on track, plotting and planning those goals to achieve by next year's Summit, cause guess what, it's in VEGAS again!  But for now... Elvis has left the building!  :)
Happy Monday loves!  I hope you all enjoyed  your fabulous weekend!  So many things to share with you, but this post in particular is dedicated to an amazing find I came across last week while I was in the city, Downtown Cleveland to be exact!  So most of you know that aside from fitness, my passion also resides with all things unique, fashionable, daring and downright inspiring!  Well, let me first start off by saying that this 'find' exudes ALL of those characteristics and SO much more!  So, last Thursday it was gorgeous out and I decided to venture outdoors on my lunch break and came across a sign for a little shop that screamed at me, for one, it said trendy, unique, $20 or less and was covered in zebra print.... ummmm SOLD!  It sucked me right in :)  I walked in (mind you the space is about the size of a walk in closet, very cute, very quaint) and was greeted by Megan, the store owner, with the brightest smile and a welcome that already had me feeling at home.  I got to talking to Megan while I browsed her selection of fabulous trends, I learned that the she called the store LivFunky, a name thought up by her daughter Oliva, brilliant, right?!  I was so intrigued by this little store I just had to ask what made her want to start a little shop like this.   [Here's the inspiring part].  Megan used to work in marketing for the Cleveland Clinic hospitals, she made pretty good money doing it too, paying CASH MONEY for a BMW.  She said something to me that resonated in my heart and what she said was, "Money will not make you happy, it makes things easier, but it will not make you happy."  Wow.  Megan recently quit her job making all that money to follow her dream of giving others the ability to look and feel good about themselves at a reasonable price.  HELLO!  INSPIRATION NATION RIGHT THERE!!  Not only is this woman a fashion inspiration, but she also lost over 100lbs and looks FAN-FREAKIN-TASTIC!  I was so blown away by how much of a connection I felt with this shop and this woman, that I just had to share this on the blog, THIS is what FitLiz is all about.  It's about being healthy, while being fabulous, while helping others and giving a sense of inspiration to those who just need a PUSH, a friend, a reason to believe that anything is possible when you put your mind to it. 

Check this store out, you will NOT be disappointed!  Just to give you an idea of the score you can get at this awesome shop.... I landed a pair of True Religion jeans that retail for $285 a pop.... yep, I got em at LivFunky for $20 :)  They are located in Downtown Cleveland at 815 Superior Ave.  They have NO online presence, you will not find a Facebook page nor a website of this place.  You want more info, please feel free to contact me! 

Have an AMAZING week fit friends!  Make it great :)
Well hey there!  It's JUNE!  School is out, the weekends are filling up FAST!  Yep, sure sign of summer is here!  We are just rockin' and rollin' through this year aren't we!  Speaking of this year, how's it goin' for everyone?  I mean we are nearly halfway through the year of 2012!  Remember all those goals you set for yourself on January 1, how's it lookin'?  You meet any of those goals yet, still workin' on em?? Wherever you are at with your goals, keep workin' on em, you're doing great :)  It's been an awesome year so far for me personally, life is pretty good at the moment.  Work is going well, family is happy and healthy, couldn't ask for much more!  But, I do... cause that's just me, I always want more!  Which is good cause a whole bunch of stuff keeps coming my way, and I'll TAKE IT!   My Beachbody business is doing very well, my Beachbody Challengers are doing a phenomenal job keeping up with their workouts and are really making incredible strides with their fitness, so proud of them!  My amazing coaches that I have the honor of working with every single day are growing in their businesses and helping so many people along the way reach their goals and dreams.  I may have a full time job in online advertising that pays the bills, but this business that I'm in with Beachbody, I'm building my fortune and a dynasty of people who will lead by means of inspiration, health and wealth, gives me goosebumps just thinking how this team is going to grow in the next year!  We're on our way, and we hit an amazing milestone just this past week as I became a One Star Diamond coach.  This kind of promotion is not done on one's own part, it is a team effort, and I am apart of one of the BEST teams in all of Beachbody!
Lots of awesome things in store for our team for the remainder of the year, looking forward to them!  Next event takes place in just 2 weeks at the annual Beachbody Summit in LAS VEGAS!  Totally stoked to be there, first time in VEGAS! 
Aside from all the business excitement last week, we had some weekend excitement too, of course!  Thursday night we headed out on a benefit cruise for a cause, so much fun!  Kept it sensible and had a few drinkies, do you like my skinny can?  LOL... Mich Ultra is my beer of choice, not only does it taste good, but it's easy on the calories as well, a must!  See the ring pic... I won it in a raffle on the boat!  It's a gorgeous ring from JB Robinson, and if you notice I do have it on my ring finger....... yes, about 3 weeks ago I LOST my wedding ring :(  I swear it's in the house somewhere, and I haven't stopped looking, but this little number I won on the boat was a God sent!  I was really starting to feel naked with nothing on my ring finger!  This will have to do til I find my ring! 
The rest of the weekend we spent, dressing up our back patio.  The stars and the hanging ball ornaments we found when we were out garage saling!  $12 for all of it!  SCORE!  Added an outdoor clock and some potted plants and a hanging basket.. really trying to go for an outdoor living room kinda feel.  Regardless, it's our little piece of heaven where we go to relax!  I see a lot of summer days and nights spent out here!
And we ended the amazing weekend with a motorcycle ride of course!  (Don't you just love the picture collages! Psst, there's an app for that, it's called TurboCollage!)  It was a awesome way to end the weekend.  Looking forward to the rest of the week ahead.  It's a busy one and I got that nose to the grindstone and busting through that to-do list!  But, I'm always grateful to come back here and chat for a bit with all of you :)  Hope your week is fantastic!
Seriously!  This past weekend was jammed PACKED with events and activities! Alright.. let's rewind for a minute and start at the beginning shall we :)  Friday we kicked off the weekend with an awesome gathering with some Team Beachbody collegues, we cooked out (all healthy options!), celebrated one of our team member's birthday and then got down to business and discussed the future of our team.  VERY enlightening... LOTS of great things coming our way for TEAM SWARM.
Saturday I was up bright and early to run in my first 5K of the year!  The 5K was a benefit race for a good friend from high school, all the races I run in are for a good cause, I never run for time, I run to support :)  It was an awesome turnout!  And I was super stoked that I finished at a swift 27 minutes, that was my best time to date!  Next race is June 10, this one is for the Girls With Sole Organization, an organization that supports females who have/are suffering abuse in all forms, it is an organization that gives them hope and an outlet through running and fitness.  Super happy to supporting such a great organization!  Ok! Back to Saturday!  After my race we shot over to a Beachbody event that our team was holding at a hotel in our town.  What an event that was!  So inspiring and just an awesome reminder of how blessed I am to be apart of such a great company!  Later Saturday night we had a wedding to attend and they had photo booth!  Oh my gosh, I love love love those things at weddings, what a great idea!  Check out the fun photos we did!
Me and my love!
Seester and I!
Fun times!  We danced our butts off too, LOVE weddings :)  We wrapped up the weekend Sunday with another awesome turnout for the same benefit I ran in on Saturday. Not to mention the weather was absolutely GORGEOUS all weekend long!  Looking forward to the holiday weekend ahead, the weekend that kicks off SUMMER!  I can't believe it's here and I'm totally ready for it too!  And to prove that I'm ready, I went out and got bathing suit #3!  I just love all the neon colors that are out this season!
Any fun plans this weekend?  I plan on lots of sun, lots of cookouts and lots of rides on the motorcycle!  Oh and I'm positive we'll shoot over to Cedar Point with the kiddos too!  Another eventful weekend ahead!  Have a good one and BE SAFE!
Half way through May you say?!!?  Say what?!  And you know what else my fit beauties... and it actually just dawned on me as I glanced up at the calendar, it has been ONE YEAR since I started this blog!!!!!!  Can you flippin' believe that?!  Holy wow... I was not prepared for this so I'm just gonna roll with it LOL!  A year ago, I was pretty much starting from scratch with my very own Beachbody Challenge, wanting something better for my body and outlook on life, I was brand new into TurboFire and had no clue what that opportunity held for me!  Looking back, in a nutshell here's what I came of ordering a copy of TurboFire, which was exactly around the same time that I started this blog!  Geez... where do I start?! 

OK... [DEEP BREATH].... Ordered a copy of Turbo online / became a Beachbody Coach / started this blog / fell in love with Turbo / got certified to teach Turbo / completed my 90 journey with TurboFire and lost a total of 35lbs / sent in my TurboFire success story to Beachbody in hopes of being cast in the next infomercial / rank advanced to Emerald in by Beachbody business / scored a Fit Club at a gym in Downtown Cleveland / Started creating monthly Challenge Groups online to help others with their fitness goals / turned my Beachbody business completely around and started tapping into Dani Johnson / lit a fire underneath my parenting and marriage skills, taking them to the next level / attended a LIVE Dani Johnson event in Orlando, FL / scored 3 TurboKick classes that I teach regularly 3 times a week / rank advanced in my Beachbody business to Ruby / a week later rank advanced to Diamond / Currently holding a 1 star diamond qualification status / debuted on the TurboFire informercial / leading a team of rockstar coaches that not only transformed their lives, but make it their passion to help transform the lives of others in the same way / attended another Dani Johnson event with my husband / brings me to where I am right this very moment / LOVING LIFE / MY LIFE DOES NOT LOOK THE SAME AS IT DID A YEAR AGO!!!!!!!  It is 100% better, more fulfilled, more passionate, more dreams, more EVERYTHING!!!!

Ok wow... I was not expecting this type of post today!!  This is the first time I've actually listed some of the major things that have happened in my life in this past year.... I did a whole heck of ALOT!  And I know I'm leaving somethings out!  I'm humbled, so very  humbled right now.  To think that all of the things I listed stemmed from a simple purchase that I honestly thought was just gonna help me get in shape.  It shaped me up alright, in more ways than one. There's a lesson here, many of them actually.  Right now I'm going to take a moment and reflect on this, as it kinda crept up on me LOL! 

Know one thing my dear friends... Each of you hold something deep inside of you, something greater than even you know.  No way a year ago would I ever have thought I was capable of doing any one of these things I just listed above.  All I know is that I had a vision, a dream, I wanted it REAL bad and I wasn't stopping til I got there and I'm not stopping now as the vision, the dream is much much bigger now, I can't wait to look back a year from now and see just what I accomplished this year. 

This is a good reminder that sometimes you have to take a step back and reflect on all that you have accomplished, stop worrying about how much more you have to do and how much farther you have to do, and open your eyes and take a look back at what it was you did achieve..... WOW. 

Have a good week and do me a favor, take 10 minutes and jot down what all you accomplished last year and then get a blank piece of paper and write down what it is you want to accomplish this year... Oh you will be surprised :)