_Just finished up listening to our Monday night team call.  We were blessed to have Craig Holiday speak tonight giving his rendition on Dreams & Perseverance.  So with that said I'm about to get REAL for a second here, I'm totally fired up and my thoughts are just firing away. The past couple of days have not been easy for me, I constantly second guess myself so this call was much needed.  For me I get no greater joy than seeing others in my life succeed at something that they want more than anything in this world.  For some it's weight loss and to get their life back, for others it's money and some just want to be accepted and to have hope, a light at the end of the tunnel, someone that just friggin cares about their very being and what they have to say.  Dreams are driven by a why, a reason to succeed.  My why generates from my children, they are 5 years old and even now at this young age I want them to know that it doesn't matter who you are, where you came from or what you believe, you were put on this earth to do something great and TO BE SOMETHING TO SOMEONE.  No matter what it is you want out of life, big or small, they can most definitely have it, it CAN be theirs.  That no one person can control their destiny, only they have the power to do that.  In the end i want my children to know that their mother gave everything she had to pave the way for their lives to be a happy and fulfilled one and to make the world seem like a less scary and judgmental place and to pass that wisdom on to others.  I refuse to conform and fall victim of just being 'normal' and doing what everyone else does.   I don't want to just get up, go to work, do my job and come home and not have any real connection to what I do day in and day out.  We get one shot at this thing, one trip around the sun, I have an undying urge to make a real difference in the world and when the time comes and my life flashes before my very eyes I want to damn well make sure it's worth watching.  I'd rather be looked at as a freak for marching to the beat of my own drum rather than blending in on the regular old perpetual beaten path of life that most people choose to take.   No.  I want to BE EPIC.  And I want others to know that it's OK to be epic in their own way, even if it's not the social norm. Even if it means being seen as a dork or whatever.   It's ok to be you, that's the way you were made and dammit that's OK.
Happy day all!  I am SO excited right now, SO much to report!  Ok, so this past Tuesday wrapped up my October 30 day challenge, I had 10 girls revv'd and ramped up to get down and dirty for this challenge and to change their way of life through nutrition and exercise.  And I have to tell you... these ladies BROUGHT THE HEAT!  WOW!  Each and everyone of them inspired me in one way or another.  All 10 of them used Shakeology once a day for the entire 30 days and exercised at least 5 times a week.  Exercises ranged from programs like TurboFire, Insanity, P90X, Shakeology workouts, some were pulling workouts from fitness magazines, others were training for 5Ks and some were just getting up and getting active by taking brisk walks or jumping on the elliptical.  Either way, they were gettin busy and I loved every minute of it!  We help eachother stay accountable through a private Facebook group page, we posted nearly everyday about our struggle, triumphs and stories, it was amazing.  It is truly amazing what one  can accomplish when they have the support they need.  And these girls rocked it.  All of them lost at least some pounds or inches, an average of 5 lbs lost is a good benchmark I'd say for the group.  So yesterday I had to pick a winner, I wish all of chose all of them because they all did so well, but there could only be ONE winner.  The awesome chica that took the grand prize for the month of October was a girl named Angela Weyer!  This lady rocked TurboFire for the entire 30 days and lost 19.5 lbs and over 33 inches!  HOLY WOWZA!!  Check out her before and after pic below!  Great job Ang! What an inspiration!  The November Challenge is currently underway and those folks are off to a great start! December Challenge starts Dec. 1.  There's still time to register, but there is limited space available, contact me and reserve your spot!  Would LOVE to have you :)  You could be the next success story... So what are you waiting for!  Let's GO!
Whew!  And I'm not even close to being done with all the excitement yet!  THIS WEEKEND... a movie comes out to theaters that absolutely makes me want to scream and be all giddy like a teenage girl.. Yep, 29 years old and this film has me ALL kinds of worked up!  YES!  FINALLY!  It's here, Breaking Dawn Part 1!!!! AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!  Seriously have goosebumps right now!  I can't believe we've made it to the final series of this amazing book, I CANNOT wait to see how the directors/cinematographers of this film interpret the book version, because it is INTENSE beyond words!!  Oh I can't wait!!!  Would love to go to the midnight showing tonight, but I've got plans with my girl Valerie for her birthday to see it Friday night!  Oh I can't wait!  Did I mention that?  ;)
Can you handle more excitement?  I hope so because I have MORE for ya!  So this Saturday I was asked to do a 'preview' Turbo class at a new gym that just opened in town!  Eeek!  Yay!  SO very excited!  I LOVE teaching Turbo and I'm bringing my Turbo Girl following with me to the preview plus there will be other members of the gym trying it out too!  The workout will only be a preview so about 30 minutes, but I told them, hey just because it's a shorter class doesn't mean you're gonna sweat ANY less ;)  So pumped, and my girls will be there to support me, gonna be FUN TIMES!  Just thought of something.. I need a name for my Turbo followers... Hmmm brainstorm a comin'!  Have any ideas?  Post em!  Have a great weekend guys, I KNOW I will!
Well hello there fit friends!  Can you believe it's Wednesday already!?  Actually the week could be going a little faster for me, but hey let's make the most of it shall we ;)  OK, so let me recap you on my weekend, it was filled with fun, fantastic things!  Friday I was at American Eagle and they have this really cool accessories shop and all kinds of fun techie stuff and ya'll know me... miss geek squad over here :)  Any who, I've been in the market for some portable speakers and at a look at this cute little guy and he's pretty powerful too, great sound quality, only 24.99, I do believe!
He even comes with a cute little hat!
So that about wrapped up my Friday nite... now we get to the good stuff!  Saturday morning I held my very first TurboKick class!  For noaw class is being held in my basement so space is pretty limited, but we had about 5 girls gettin down Turbo-style and it was off the hook!  So much fun!  I'm currently looking for a larger space to have class, but for now Turbo will be in my basement every Saturday morning!  Join us if you're in the area!  Later that night Tony and I went to an adult only Halloween party and had some time away from the kiddos, which they didn't mind because their favorite babysitter came over to watch them ;)  I went as a cheerleader from my high school alma-mater, complete with Tony's football jersey and pin from high school :)  I was an athlete in high school, so being a cheerleader was kinda fun!  Tony was Batman....LOL!  Really that's all that can be said :)  Take a look below....
All in all, we had a great time, didn't stay out too late, Tony had to work in the morning and I had a ton to do before Trick or Treat on Sunday afternoon.  Sunday morning the kids and I went to church and then headed to the store to get Halloween candy, noticed I waited til the last minute to buy this, for good reason too!  I'm a mini candybar-aholic!  When we got home I started right in on my homemade chili, I made a HUGE batch.... love leftover chili :)  So once the chili was simmering in the crockpot, it was time to get the kiddos ready for Trick or Treat.  Haiden was Iron Man and Marianna was a bride :)
It was a gorgeous day for Trick or Treat and the kids made out like bandits on candy!  Yes, that stash is being hidden, tucked away from where the eye can not see, if I don't see it, it doesn't exist LOL!  So, while the kids sorted their candy, I made a nice comfy place on the couch, watching Hocus Pocus and eating a yummy bowl of chili.  Perfect end to the weekend :)   Hope ya'll had a great weekend as well, hope the week has been good to you so far!  Talk to you soon guys ;)
we'll be eating chili for a few weeks ;)