HAPPY FRIDAY!!  We made it to the weekend!  A quick post this will be today because I have some exciting news to share with you :)  But, it'll have to wait til the end.... I know, I'm so mean :)   It's been a FANTASTIC week, I did some reflecting because I recently came across an old picture of myself prior to being 'FitLiz', literally.  Take a look.....
Yeah.... on the left was me in my early 20s.  I think I was around 190 in that picture.  Obviously the right is me today at 30 years old :)  Sometimes when I get down on myself because I'm not seeing the results I want fast enough I have to remind myself of how far I've come.  I know many of you are thinking, what the heck!  She's still not happy with the after pic?!  LOL :)  No, I'm plenty happy with the after pic, it's just that as we get better, we want to DO MORE because we are capable of more, right?  That's how we get better.  We are all a work in progress no matter what stage of the game we are in.  Just had to share that with ya :)  Remember, it's not about how far you still have yet to go, it's about how far you've come ;) 
OK!  So if we are friends on Facebook, you would know that I've been trying to decide what dress to wear for my cousin's fancy dancy wedding coming up in Florida in November.... well, I finally chose!  And I found some FAB shoes to go with!!  Whatcha think??!!   I'm pretty much all set!  Just need some jewelry, which I plan to get from Charming Charlie's and a cute silver clutch, which I didn't see any at Charming Charlie's I liked the last time I was in there.... any ideas where I can find a cute silver clutch and not break the bank?!  Suggestions welcome!  Let me know!!
And lastly :)  Are you ready for my surprise??  I'm pretty excited about this... I was asked to do a guest blog post on F2BF focusedtobefit.com, this is a fitness gal pal of mine that I met through the internet at the start of my fitness journey, before Beachbody, before TurboFire. I, like most people when in search of 'how to get healthy', I Googled it :) And I found this fun chica named Lauren and her fitness blog!  Her blog inspired me to create my own... FitLiz! A year and a half later she has become a great friend in fitness, among other things, and I'm super excited that next Tuesday my post will debut on F2BF! Will be talking about weight training, how important it is and how CLX has changed the face of fitness for me :)  YAY!!!  So tune in next week and I'll be sure to share the post with you!  In the meantime, go and check out Lauren's blog!  She embodies everything we practice here over at FitLiz, she's fun, fit and fabulously cool :)  You will love it!