Oh. My. Goodness.  WOW!  Talk about throwing a wrench is my whole system!  Don't worry, it was a good kinda wrench :)  So, this past Monday I returned from 5 days in Las Vegas!  I was there for the annual Beachbody Summit and it. was. AWESOME!  What an experience, totally got to connect with other beachbody coaches, totally got to workout and MEET my fav Beachbody trainers like Chalene Johnson from TurboFire and Tony Horton from P90X!  Trainer Shaun T and CEO Carl Daikeler spoke personal to our team specifically, TEAM SWARM, pictured above :)  LOVE that team!  So amazing and so many awesome ideas and concepts Beachbody is bringing to the public, they really made it an honor to be a Beachbody Coach, not that it wasn't before ;)  But now... WOW!  Let me re-cap just a bit on what's about to come from us Beachbody Coaches!
Kicked off the Summit with opening ceremonies on Friday with announcements like...
The release of Insanity The Asylum Volume 2, coming this Fall!  Wow... this brings a WHOLE new meaning to elite athletic training, how do I know... USA Olympic speed skater Apollo Ono totally uses this for this training....BOOM!
Body Beast, available NOW!  The first of it's kind out of all the Beachbody program.  Designed to build muscle mass like no other.   Trainer Sagi Kalev (dreamy! sorry honey!), is the trainer of this beast of a program whose tag line for this workout is, IF YOU WANNA GET BIG, YOU GOTTA LIFT BIG.  Hey men of men... this is totally for you!
The company is bringing all kinds of variety to the workout table with the addition to the Les Mills Pump program with MMA style workouts with COMBAT!
And take a look at THIS!  Beachbody is now offering a skin care line!  Heck yeah, get your workout on and get fit, now look even younger with this phenomenal addition!  With Derm Exclusive®, you can now watch your wrinkles go away in minutes—no needles, no lasers, no peels, and no pain. For the first time ever there is a system that is clinically proven to deliver results that are as good as—and often better than—those you’d see from treatments in a dermatologist’s office.
Of course they couldn't leave out a nutritional addition to all the annoucements.  Chocolate Vegan Shakeology is NOW available, it tastes phenomenal, I got to try it out right then and there.  So that is 4 total flavors now available in the ALL NATURAL Shakeology!
OH!  Did I mention I got to meet Chalene Johnson, creator of TurboKick, TurboJam and TurboFire!?!?!??!?!!!!  :) :)  What a beautiful soul this woman is, just LOVE her!
Whew!  So you are probably wondering... I spent all this time in VEGAS and didn't get to have and VEGAS FUN??  Ohhhhh let me stop you there!  We totally got to enjoy VEGAS!  We hit up the strip, visited NEW YORK NEW YORK, Monte Carlo, The Bellagio (the fountain show was to die for!), Planet Hollywood, The Venetian (gorgeous!  rode the gondola!)  We even hit up Madam Tussaude's wax museum, TOO FUNNY!  And if you know us.... we LOVE to ride, Harley Davidson motorcycles that is!  We rented a bike and took a cruise in the dessert and it was simply beautiful!  Check out the fun below, just a few highlight, check out the entire album on my Facebook page!  If we are  not friends, FRIEND ME!  Find me at Liz Densmore Bollini!  Now.... gotta get back on track, plotting and planning those goals to achieve by next year's Summit, cause guess what, it's in VEGAS again!  But for now... Elvis has left the building!  :)
Happy Monday loves!  I hope you all enjoyed  your fabulous weekend!  So many things to share with you, but this post in particular is dedicated to an amazing find I came across last week while I was in the city, Downtown Cleveland to be exact!  So most of you know that aside from fitness, my passion also resides with all things unique, fashionable, daring and downright inspiring!  Well, let me first start off by saying that this 'find' exudes ALL of those characteristics and SO much more!  So, last Thursday it was gorgeous out and I decided to venture outdoors on my lunch break and came across a sign for a little shop that screamed at me, for one, it said trendy, unique, $20 or less and was covered in zebra print.... ummmm SOLD!  It sucked me right in :)  I walked in (mind you the space is about the size of a walk in closet, very cute, very quaint) and was greeted by Megan, the store owner, with the brightest smile and a welcome that already had me feeling at home.  I got to talking to Megan while I browsed her selection of fabulous trends, I learned that the she called the store LivFunky, a name thought up by her daughter Oliva, brilliant, right?!  I was so intrigued by this little store I just had to ask what made her want to start a little shop like this.   [Here's the inspiring part].  Megan used to work in marketing for the Cleveland Clinic hospitals, she made pretty good money doing it too, paying CASH MONEY for a BMW.  She said something to me that resonated in my heart and what she said was, "Money will not make you happy, it makes things easier, but it will not make you happy."  Wow.  Megan recently quit her job making all that money to follow her dream of giving others the ability to look and feel good about themselves at a reasonable price.  HELLO!  INSPIRATION NATION RIGHT THERE!!  Not only is this woman a fashion inspiration, but she also lost over 100lbs and looks FAN-FREAKIN-TASTIC!  I was so blown away by how much of a connection I felt with this shop and this woman, that I just had to share this on the blog, THIS is what FitLiz is all about.  It's about being healthy, while being fabulous, while helping others and giving a sense of inspiration to those who just need a PUSH, a friend, a reason to believe that anything is possible when you put your mind to it. 

Check this store out, you will NOT be disappointed!  Just to give you an idea of the score you can get at this awesome shop.... I landed a pair of True Religion jeans that retail for $285 a pop.... yep, I got em at LivFunky for $20 :)  They are located in Downtown Cleveland at 815 Superior Ave.  They have NO online presence, you will not find a Facebook page nor a website of this place.  You want more info, please feel free to contact me! 

Have an AMAZING week fit friends!  Make it great :)
Well hey there!  It's JUNE!  School is out, the weekends are filling up FAST!  Yep, sure sign of summer is here!  We are just rockin' and rollin' through this year aren't we!  Speaking of this year, how's it goin' for everyone?  I mean we are nearly halfway through the year of 2012!  Remember all those goals you set for yourself on January 1, how's it lookin'?  You meet any of those goals yet, still workin' on em?? Wherever you are at with your goals, keep workin' on em, you're doing great :)  It's been an awesome year so far for me personally, life is pretty good at the moment.  Work is going well, family is happy and healthy, couldn't ask for much more!  But, I do... cause that's just me, I always want more!  Which is good cause a whole bunch of stuff keeps coming my way, and I'll TAKE IT!   My Beachbody business is doing very well, my Beachbody Challengers are doing a phenomenal job keeping up with their workouts and are really making incredible strides with their fitness, so proud of them!  My amazing coaches that I have the honor of working with every single day are growing in their businesses and helping so many people along the way reach their goals and dreams.  I may have a full time job in online advertising that pays the bills, but this business that I'm in with Beachbody, I'm building my fortune and a dynasty of people who will lead by means of inspiration, health and wealth, gives me goosebumps just thinking how this team is going to grow in the next year!  We're on our way, and we hit an amazing milestone just this past week as I became a One Star Diamond coach.  This kind of promotion is not done on one's own part, it is a team effort, and I am apart of one of the BEST teams in all of Beachbody!
Lots of awesome things in store for our team for the remainder of the year, looking forward to them!  Next event takes place in just 2 weeks at the annual Beachbody Summit in LAS VEGAS!  Totally stoked to be there, first time in VEGAS! 
Aside from all the business excitement last week, we had some weekend excitement too, of course!  Thursday night we headed out on a benefit cruise for a cause, so much fun!  Kept it sensible and had a few drinkies, do you like my skinny can?  LOL... Mich Ultra is my beer of choice, not only does it taste good, but it's easy on the calories as well, a must!  See the ring pic... I won it in a raffle on the boat!  It's a gorgeous ring from JB Robinson, and if you notice I do have it on my ring finger....... yes, about 3 weeks ago I LOST my wedding ring :(  I swear it's in the house somewhere, and I haven't stopped looking, but this little number I won on the boat was a God sent!  I was really starting to feel naked with nothing on my ring finger!  This will have to do til I find my ring! 
The rest of the weekend we spent, dressing up our back patio.  The stars and the hanging ball ornaments we found when we were out garage saling!  $12 for all of it!  SCORE!  Added an outdoor clock and some potted plants and a hanging basket.. really trying to go for an outdoor living room kinda feel.  Regardless, it's our little piece of heaven where we go to relax!  I see a lot of summer days and nights spent out here!
And we ended the amazing weekend with a motorcycle ride of course!  (Don't you just love the picture collages! Psst, there's an app for that, it's called TurboCollage!)  It was a awesome way to end the weekend.  Looking forward to the rest of the week ahead.  It's a busy one and I got that nose to the grindstone and busting through that to-do list!  But, I'm always grateful to come back here and chat for a bit with all of you :)  Hope your week is fantastic!