Well hello there & happy Monday!  Nothing like a little fresh fashion update to start the week off, right?!  Last week I posted about my little trip in downtown Cleveland and if you remember I hinted toward a swanky little hidden gem I came across while strolling 4th street.  That little gem is called The Dredger's Union, look em up on Facebook!
What a super cute shop this is!  It struck me as a Urban Outfitter meets J. Crew meet Banana Republic type of store, very cool....  And what's even more cool... they are locally owned and produce 40% of the clothing right downstairs in their basement!  How cool is that?!  Check out the pic above I snagged while browsing the store!  I found it absolutely amazing that they produced most of their clothes right there, from drawing board to rack... how New York of them!  Check out a few of the pics below of the rest of the store....
They even has an accessories section that showcased items for the bathroom, bedroom and just everyday commodities!
While scoping out the accessories section I found this sweet little lunch box set, it has different little sections where you can carry multiple food items and salad dressing and keep everything separate, even comes with a cute fork/spoon/knife combo that fit nicely in the little  box as welll!  Perfect for packing healthy snack options on the go :)

What  a great little find!  If you are in the downtown Cleveland area for a show, dinner or a game... The Dredger's Union is a must see!

Have a FANTASTIC week all!
Ahhh YESSSS!  It is definitley getting to be that time of year and I'm super stoked!  The bathing suits are out in FULL force in the stores and I simply could not walk by these beauties without snatching them up :)  The neon yellow on the left is a sweet little number I found at Target for $30 total and the 'Sexy And I Know It' suit on the right is Op Brand and I scored it at Wal-mart for $14, for the whole thing!  Yeah I know there's not much to it, but really, most tops and bottoms of swim suits this cute are $25 for each piece... so YAY for me!  The Brazil Butt Lift workouts are going fantastic and I SO can't wait to rock these suits this summer! 

Another sure sign Summer is upon us... well for me anyway is that my 5K fun run season is on the horizon! Yes, in about a month I kick off my fun runs with the Rite Aid Cleveland 5K, Saturday May 19th!  I believe this race focuses on Autism Awareness!  I love running for a cause!  These races I hold near and dear to my heart :)
5K number 2 will be for the LULA 5K, which is run by the organization known as Girls With Sole, their mission is to use Fitness & Wellness to empower the minds, bodies, and souls of young girls who have been abused (sexual, physical, or otherwise) or who are at risk of abuse.  I was just made aware of this organization this year and it is a phenomenal organization with a great purpose and I'm so so happy to be associated with it in some way, shape or form!  This race takes place on June 10th!
So as of right now, those are the two I am registered for and are a GO for me!  I will definitely be adding more races to my summer list and I will def. keep you posted!  I run these races to support a cause, to show my appreciation and support for others who at the present time just might not be able to fight for themselves, therefore, I will fight for them.  It is my way of giving back, giving hope, creating a smile.  I don't run for time, I run for freedom and inspiration... If you would like to join me in any of these races definitely hit me up!  And if we are close to eachother, let's train together!  I live near a beautiful park that has an awesome running trail, my goal right now is to at least run once or twice a week up until race day, the other days of the week I'll be strength training and cardio training with Turbo and BBL.  I ran my first 3.6 miles last Sunday... whew, that woke the old running muscles up!  Would love some company on the trail, if you're interested, get ahold of me!  Have a wonderful week fit friends!
Easter over already?!  My goodness this year is just moving swiftly right along!  I hope you all had an enjoyable holiday.  We started our day out bright and early Sunday looking for Easter eggs and tearing into the Easter basket goodies that the big furry guy left for us :)  Headed out to mid morning church for a beautiful service and then spent the rest of the day enjoy time with the families!  One too many Mini Cadbury Eggs has be right back on track this week though!  Come on... gotta have the Cadbury Eggs on Easter right?!?  :)  Good thing I received TWO brand new workout programs last week... here let me tell ya about em!
Of course, first and foremost I just HAD to get the new Fire Starter Pack from TurboFire that just became available last week.  These new DVDs are more or less a prequel to TurboFire, thus the Fire Starter ;)  The are low impact, high intensity workouts designed to ease folks into TurboFire... oh but don't think these DVDs are a walk in the park!  There may not be any jumping involved but you do get LOW, and I mean LOW, yeah, like legs on FIYAH low!  Did the Low HIIT 20 workout this morning and holy wow!  And I've been doing Turbo for a year now and that was a whole new kinda burn, loved it! 
And also last week I received in the mail.... Yes, from the awesome company that I work for, Beachbody, a brand new complimentary, personally signed copy of the new workout program Tai Cheng!  Oh and a sweet new gym bag too!  No, they didn't just send this to me on a whim!  Although they do send me a ton of stuff just for being a loyal team player :)  This awesome gift was earned!  Myself and 4 other coach collegues were a team among 700 other team in the Beachbody network competing in a company challenge during the months of January and February and guess what?!  No we didn't win.... but we did come in 2nd place!  Out of 700+ teams in the entire Beachbody network!  So proud of my team and we have been blessed by the company with oodles of gifts other than just this one above.  Very grateful and humbled to be apart of such a great company that recognized hard work and a job well done!  So yeah!  I think it's safe to say I have more than enough fitness options to keep me sailing right into summer, which is NOT too far away!  I bought a neon yellow bikini last week too... YIKES!  Operation Brazil Butt Lift, Turbo and Tai Cheng is in FULL swing!  Countdown til SUMMER!  Can't wait!  Have an awesome week fit friends!  I have a delish foodie post coming up too for this week, so stay tuned!