Hello fit beauties!  Have to start the post off with a little FLEX FRIDAY, of course!  Have to tell you, this is my first week back post Ultimate Reset and into my workouts and I'm feeling fantastic!  Nutrition has been on point, workouts are explosive and I even lost a pound this week too!  SCORE! 
Have been doing the Les Mills Combat program and it is NO JOKE, my body is SORE! In a good way :)  And all the punches and kicks are really forcing me to use my core and my midsection just feels tighter in one weeks time, so I'm definitely digging the MMA style workouts. 
Of course what always comes with a hardcore workout is a raging appetite, so I've been fueling my body right with protein packed breakfasts like the one above (egg whites with oatmeal, strawberries, raspberries and flaxseed), really revs up my metabolism and keeps me going throughout the morning.  Plus my Shakeology has been doing the job too for most of my mid-afternoon snacks, which is perfect for a mid-afternoon slump buster. 
ALRIGHT!  On to the fun stuff!  Soooooo :)  Tomorrow is my birthday :)  We are heading to downtown Cleveland for some fun with friends Saturday night and I am STOKED!  Got my outfit picked out, accessories lined up, hair did, nails did... BOOM!  I think I'm ready to parrrr-taaay!  Nothing to crazy though :)  Gonna hit up the casino, do dinner at the Naughi Mermaid and bounce around 4th Street!  And then Sunday we are going to B-Spot for lunch!  Going to be a FABULOUS weekend!  Have a FUN. FIT. FAB one yourselves!
Oh my beautiful fit friends!  How are you?!  I know it has been FOREVER since I posted over here :)  I have to tell you 2012 year's end was massive for goal setting.  I had to take a long hard look at what I was doing, how I was doing it and why.  And the answer has always been very clear in my mind.  I do this because it is my passion.  It is what I was meant to do!  I can't tell you how much I love seeing you guys strive to be the best YOU that you can be.  Over the course of 2012, I witnessed some amazing transformations......
I made some INCREDIBLE fit friendships along the way, renewed some existing ones and nurtured the the ones that stood by me.  THANK YOU for an amazing year!

So as you know I'm BIG on goals.  Setting them, achieving them and just plain go gettin' em!  I'm currently doing a 30 PUSH challenge with 300 other people and we are setting some priorities, writing down our top 10 CRAZY COOL goals for 2013 and just getting right with our time management and F-O-C-U-S.  We're currently on Day 4 and it's going AH-MAZING.  Which brought me back to this blog to review my 10 goals that I set for myself in 2012, can I just say WOW!  I accomplished A LOT!  Not everything, not because I failed, but because my priorities changed.  That that's OK! So in true FitLiz fashion, I'm gonna stick with tradition and post my 10 goals for 2013.  I have to say, these are WAY more out of my comfort zone than those that were set in 2012.  I totally raised the bar on myself and didn't even realize it!  Here it goes.... In 2013... I WILL:
PUSH GOAL:  Obtain 5 Star Diamond in by Beachbody business by September - earning ELITE status.
[ def.  Push Goal ::  A goal that when accomplished, will PUSH all your other goals into achievement. ]

1.  Increase my Beachbody income 100% - doubling what I made in 2012.  Leave my JOB, and work full time on my passion and fortune.

2.  Pay off last credit card by June.   Student loan and car paid off by December.

3.  Grow FitLiz to a nationally recognized brand.

4.  Tony and I take a 1 on 1 vacation to Mexico or Florida Keys.  Family vacation to NYC.

5.  1,000 followers on InstaGram

6.  Create at least 1 high impact video on my YouTube channel a month that provides quality information and service to others.

7.  Organize our basement as a rec room where we can spend time together as a family.

8.  Family dinner 1x a month (entire family, immediate and extended, we host)

9.  Sunday - reserved for family day - nothing else.

10.  Fitness.  Weigh in at 120lbs, bf% below 15%

There ya have it!  I'm ready!  2013 HERE WE COME!!