Day 2 is under my belt!  I gotta say, I am really feeling great, no headache today, felt energized all day, really nothing bad to report (except the GREEN MONSTER), LOL!!  Good thing it's just a one time a day thing :)  The upside, it doesn't leave a nasty after taste in your mouth once you finish as one might expect, so that's a plus!

So many things I am realizing already during this process is that I am really only eating 3 meals a day.  This is very different from my usual, I'm used to eating close to 6 small meals a day!  But with all the supplement taking and water drinking I really do not feel the need to eat anything more.  Total satisfaction food wise.  Which is HUGE for me, I'm a total cravings junkie!  I was just telling my hubby last night after dinner (which was AMAZING, by the way!) that I do not feel stuffed, which is how I normally feel after dinner.  We finished dinner around 7:30pm and hit the sack around 9:30pm, usually right before I go to bed I HAVE to have a snack :)  Anyone else a late night food junkie??? Raise your hand!!  Well, last night I had no desire to have a snack, complete and total satisfaction.  Definitely something that I've noticed, and we are only on DAY 2!  Oh and speaking of it only being Day 2, the hubs has lost 4lbs!  AND his chronic lower back pain is GONE!  He still has the chronic neck pain, but for reals, I'm hoping by the end of the Reset that will be gone too! How amaizng, right?!  No weight loss for me yet, but then again I'm not really looking to lose weight, I'm more curious to see how this is going to change the way I eat and how it makes me feel.... so far, so good :)

OK!  So ready to take on Day 3!  Which I had to prep today's lunch for my hubby to take to work last night so I went ahead and prepped mine too for today.  I will say this.... I'm doing a TON more dishes than normal and a ton more chopping and dicing.... I felt like Martha Stewart in the kitchen yesterday LOL ;)  Talk to ya'll tomorrow!  Happy mid-week fit friends!

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