It's no secret that modern technology changes at the speed of  light these days.  It seems as though no sooner do the techie gods come out with one phenomemon another is already making it's debut on the hot list of want and desire.  I will say this though, with the help of modern technology, it has definitely made healthly cooking much easier for me.  For Christmas, my hubby got me the iPad (the original).  At first I thought, "Cool, I can throw this bad boy in my purse and I can browse the web, play games, and check my email just about anywhere!"  Then as I got bored of just playing games I started to explore my options and I utilized the iBooks app. I started by downloading two South Beach Diet cookbooks.  And let me tell you, I downloaded these ibooks back in January and there hasn't been a day that has gone by that I don't cook with that little iPad wonder by my stove every night.  It's absolutely genius and I really believe that having access to the healthly cookbooks on my iPad has really played a big part in keeping me on track to eating healthly.  I've also downloaded a few fitness apps like, Lose It, which helps me log what I'm eating and how many calories,etc.  It really is amazing how technology has so many different outlets.  Regardless, of what outlet you use your modern technology for, tell us, how has it chan

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