Morning my FIT beauties!  Hope your weekend was fabulous!  Mine was eventful! Took puppies to show and tell on Friday, hit up a good friend's 30th birthday party on Saturday, met up with some great friends and their kiddos at Chucky Cheese and yesterday I worked a little in the morning and then spent an enjoyable afternoon with the hubs!  But back at it today and really all I can think of is FOOD!  The pic above is one of my all time favorite breakfast meals... Old Fashioned Rolled Oats with cut up nectarine and a splash of almond milk, so so good.  And also this weekend, YouTube got the best of the hubs and spiked his curiously of homemade protein bars :)  So to the kitchen with the iPad we went and whipped up some chocolate protein bars.  The process was pretty simple really, all it took was some chocolate protein powder, couple scoops of PB2, rolled oats and a dribble of skim milk and DONE!  They were delicious and yes they are all gone LOL!  They were so good that Tony made another batch yesterday, but this time he used vanilla protein powder and those were even better than the chocolate!  I think there's a new fav recipe in the Bollini house :)
Ok ok I know your mouth's are probably watering by now, I know mine is!  But, one more snack post and then I'll be done, I told ya FOOD was on the brain today!  I made this snack after dinner one night last week as a little dessert for myself, consisted of plain non fat yogurt, 2 tbsp of PB2 Chocolate and fresh sliced strawberries! Delish!  Ok I'm done!  Have a great week! And def try out on of these food ideas, you won't regret it... PROMISE!

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