So, 2 days a week I am in downtown Cleveland for work and I very rarely ever get out and about on my lunch break!  Well, the other day I was watching the news (which I rarely ever do!) and the Cleveland new station was doing a featured on this cute little Cleveland "novelty" shop, except it was way cooler than any other traditional novelty shop I've ever seen!  So, I decided the next time I'm in the office downtown I'm heading down to check this little place out!  So glad I did!  It's so much more than just a visitor's center, they have cute cute Cleveland novelty tees, the design and graphics on the front of the shirts look like something you'd pick up at an American Eagle or Hollister clothing store, very vintage, VERY cute!  And all Cleveland!  Ever in the downtown area, this is must stop, it's on the corner of Euclid and 4th Street!  Check em out on Facebook too!  CLE Clothing Co.
Great little Cleveland shop, I loved it, and the staff is killer too!  Two very nice ladies helped me out and gave me the deets on some other stores that are in the area that are similar to this one!  Oh, and I just happened to catch them on their lunch hour too and they each had this awesome arrangement of veggies, hummus and pita!  Being the foodie that I am, of course, I needed to know where they found such a dish!  Right around the corner from the shop is a quaint little coffee shop called, The Erie Island Coffee Shop, where they scored the awesome fresh find!  So, you can just guess where my next stop was huh? ;) 
Yep!  Had to stop and get me a fresh veggie bowl with hummus and pita bread!  Loved this little place it was cozy and their menu was unique, I'll definitely be stopping back here to try new things out!   It is also locally owned.  And if there's one thing I support, it's locally owned businesses, so move over Starbucks!
All in all, a lunch hour definitely well spent!  I did make a pit stop at another fantastic find, but that one needs a post all to it's own, it's a fashion find.... NEED I SAY MORE!?  I'll be blogging about that later next week for sure.  So, yes, a good lunch break ended with me comfortably at my desk with my veggie bowl browsing the Facebook pages of these two awesome finds :)  Have a great weekend fit friends, use this weekend to explore new foodie finds!  Variety is good!

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