Morning ya'll!  Just had to share my breakfast I had this morning.  I found this fun idea in my Turbo Fuel The Fire Guide, it's called Toad In The Hole With Turkey Sausage, funny right?!  Anywho, this is a great breakfast idea that adds a few interesting aspects on cooking an egg.... take a look!

What you need:
1 slice whole wheat bread
1 egg
3 turkey sausage links, ready- made

What you do:
Use a round cookie cutter to cut out the center of the bread.  Spray nonstick cookng spray on thbe wheat toast and place on a skillet.  Crack egg and drop it into the hole of the bread.  Cook for 1 minute and flipthe wheat-egg toast and cook for another minute.  Microwave the ready-made sausage links and there you go!  A quick little interesting breakfast just under 300 calories!  Oh, and the actual hole of the bread that I cut out.... I toasted it and spread about a half a tbsp of sugar free strawberry preserves on it, clever huh... Enjoy!  I did :)

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