Happy Monday All!  Hope you had a wonderful weekend full of relaxtion and fun :)  I has a super busy weekend full of fun and an amazing find! (Thanks to my awesome sis-in-law!).  Have you guys heard of this?  PB2, it's peanutbutter, dry peanutbutter.  SAY WHAT!?  Yep, it's like a powder and YES it's real peanutbutter and tastes like it too!  Now, why on earth would you want dry peanutbutter you ask, right?  Well, in this product all the oil has been pressed out, therefore squeezing out lots of the calories and fat, but still providing great nutritional value.  So instead of getting 190 calories and 16g of fat in regular peanutbutter, you only get 45 calories and 1g of fat!  SCORE!  This is going right into my Shakeology, perfect!  I'm sure you can find this at any health food store like Trader Joe's, but you can also buy it in bulk at www.bellplantation.com!   Def. check it out!

Switching directions for a moment... last week I posted about my weight-loss challenges right... well I wanted to make a video about them too, so that I could better explain them and give others some insight to what I'm doing here... if you haven't already, check out the video on my YouTube channel!
So Saturday... started off great with a little TurboKick, my girls and I rocked it out as usual, and as usual, can't wait til Saturday to Turbo again!  Also, one week from today, next Monday the 14th I will debut my official TurboKick class at Vedas Fitness!  SOOO EXCITED!  I'll def. be posting on how that goes :) Anywho the day flew by as we had family pic and then a birthday party, then ended the day relaxing, ordering take out for dinner and a movie from OnDemand, Horrible Bosses, so funny!!!
Sunday I laid low, woke up totally congested and just feeling blah!  Took it easy with the fam for most of the day and then headed out to see one of my very good friends in the lead roll of The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas.  So glad I went, what a show!  Got some much needed rest last night and am feeling much better this morning.  But really, can I just get over this constant sniffling and cough!?!?   Tis' the season I guess.... time to get a bottle of Vitamin C and start poppin'!  LOL.... have a good week everyone!  And def try the dry peanutbutter ;)