Oh yeah... Fall is definitely in full bloom!  Not just because the weather is changing and the leaves are blooming into beautiful fall colors, but I can also tell by the looks of my meal record lately!  Geesh, I've been "Fall"ing it up on the food front this week with all kinds of Autumn inspired meals.  I just have to start with this little sammie I came up with, it's so easy to make and so FRESH, really it's not Fall/Autumn inspired, but I'm throwing it in here for good measure because really ANYONE can throw this delish dish together in seconds for a fresh, figure-friendly snack or lunch!
Look how beautifully yummy this is!  This is my veggie sammie :)  Lettuce, red onions, tomato, avocado shared between two pieces of whole grain bread...DONE! So good, so healthy and sooo fast!

Next up is the Fall stuff, for you I have a soup and another quick snack, I'll share my snack idea first, since it is also a quickie as well :)
I'm really loving the apple selection at the grocery store this time of year, these apples are HUGE.  My fav, the HoneyCrisp Apple :)  These apples are so juicy and so yum, I can't get enough.  Slice one of these up and mix yourself some PB2 powder with some H2O or Almond Milk and you have yourself an amazing Fall Festive snack-a-roo!  Healthy once again!  And a BONUS because PB2 is like super lo cal and fat than traditional peanut butter, but tastes exactly the same... SCORE!

Ok... on to the big dog :)  This soup is PERFECT for that lazy Fall Sunday, when you want to relax and enjoy some football on TV and a nice warm bowl of soup.  This Butternut Squash, Green Apple soup is a winner!
OK, fair warning!  This soup simmers for about 6-8 hours, so keep that in mind, it's not a quick soup fix kinda thing!  Check it out!

4 cups of precut butter nut squash pieces (I bought a whole butternut squash and cut it myself into chunks)

3 Granny Smith Apples, peeled and sliced

1Tbsp. nutmeg

4 cubes chicken bouillon

4 cups water (or substitute 4 cups low sodium chicken stock for water and bouillon)

Salt and pepper to taste

Place butternut squash, sliced apple, chicken stock, and spices into slow cooker.  Cook on low heat for 6 - 8 hours.  Cool.  Puree in a blender.  (for chunkier souop, use potato masher instead of blender, this is what I did!)  Return soup to slow cooker to keep warm.  Serve with garlic parm toast and small mixed green salad.... YUM!

Sooo good.  And even better days later!  This recipe made A LOT of soup, so it's PERFECT for a few days meals.  So, the time you put in to make this, def pays off for quick meals later in the week ;)  Not to mention the nutritional value... DANG!  Only 145 calories and 1 gram of fat per serving.... LOVE IT!  ENJOY :)