Do you love egg salad?  Well here is a much healthier recipe I found that excludes the use of mayonaise.  Not only is it a healthier option, I think it tastes much better too!
So, here's the skinny (literally), instead of using the mayo, you are going to use cottage cheese.  Bizarre, right!?  But, it is oh so good.  Here's the recipe:

2 hard boiled eggs, yolk removed from one
1/4 cup of low-fat or fat free cottage cheese
whole wheat tortilla
1 tpsp dijon mustard
1/2 tsp of dried dill or tarragon (optional)
salt and pepper to taste

Mix this all together and you have some guilt-free egg salad!  Pair it with 2 cups of mixed greens, sliced tomato and 1 tsp of balsamic vinegar and you have yourself a nice low cal lunch.  Enjoy!
This is one of my most favorite breakfasts, I had it this morning and I could eat it every morning!  This is a breakfast from South Beach Diet, Phase 2.  It's one medium banana spilt in two, down the middle, lengthwise.  I topped it with 2 scoops of plain fat free yogurt and sprinkled with some stevia sugar and whole grain bran flakes and done!  It is so good.  A perfect combo of a tart and sweet taste!  Plus, you kind of trick your eyes (and brain) into thinking you're eating a sundae for breakfast :)  It literally takes like 2 minutes to make, give it try, let me know how you like it! 

Yesterday I wanted pizza.... BAD.  And I totally had pizza, and in my opinion was better than any pizza house pizza in our area, not to mention it was 10x healthier!  So, basically I start with a thin whole wheat crust and lightly coat it with some EVOO (extra virgin olive oil), a think layer of sugar free tomato sauce and some diced tomatos as my base and then I just load it with veggies.  This time I used some chopped up yellow bell pepper, jalepenos, olives, onions and I threw some leftover chunks of grilled chicken breast on top that was left over from lunch, then I sprinkled lightly with some reduced fat cheddar cheese.  I also like to use feta as well if I have it on hand.  Pop this in the oven for about 10 - 15 min. and you have one yummy, crispy pizza pie!  I held myself to about 3 pieces and then had to cut myself off.  Soooo good :)  What healthy alternatives do you take to indulge in those meals that often get a bad wrap in the healthly eating world, like pizza?

It's no secret that modern technology changes at the speed of  light these days.  It seems as though no sooner do the techie gods come out with one phenomemon another is already making it's debut on the hot list of want and desire.  I will say this though, with the help of modern technology, it has definitely made healthly cooking much easier for me.  For Christmas, my hubby got me the iPad (the original).  At first I thought, "Cool, I can throw this bad boy in my purse and I can browse the web, play games, and check my email just about anywhere!"  Then as I got bored of just playing games I started to explore my options and I utilized the iBooks app. I started by downloading two South Beach Diet cookbooks.  And let me tell you, I downloaded these ibooks back in January and there hasn't been a day that has gone by that I don't cook with that little iPad wonder by my stove every night.  It's absolutely genius and I really believe that having access to the healthly cookbooks on my iPad has really played a big part in keeping me on track to eating healthly.  I've also downloaded a few fitness apps like, Lose It, which helps me log what I'm eating and how many calories,etc.  It really is amazing how technology has so many different outlets.  Regardless, of what outlet you use your modern technology for, tell us, how has it chan

This morning I had to be in Cleveland for work and normally on those days I don't have time to make an actual breakfast, with food that is.  So, normally days like these call for a yummy Shakeology meal.  This morning I decided to have a Mocha Cafe, which I'm not a big coffee drinker so I just used the sugar free powered cafe.  Just one tablespoon was enough to make this a mocha delight!  I added a cup of skim milk, some cinnamon, ice and voila!  I got a Starbucks taste for under $4 and packed the punch of nutrients that Starbucks could only dream of :)

Last night I made the Tex Mex delight, it was the perfect mix of spicy with a tangy taste.  I used beef tenderloin but you can swap in any kind of lean beef, flank steak would work and a little easier on the wallet as well.  The black bean and avocado salad was an added bonus, these are two of my favorite foods!  Plus, i used a little extra lime juice, I love that tangy taste!  I'm a South Beach Diet junkie, so every meal I make complies with it.  This is perfect for Phase 1, 2 or 3, obviously with Phase 1 you would have to skip out on the tortilla.  Overall, I was happy with the turn out, it was delish!

Let’s just start out by saying, I LOVE to eat!  Let’s face it, we need to eat  to survive so let’s make sure we are eating the RIGHT foods that are friendly to our figure and well-being!  I’m mainly a South Beach Diet girl, I love this diet because it doesn’t even feel like you are on one and it definitely works and will help you lose those unwanted pounds and maintain your ideal weight once you get there. Basically, the diet re-teaches you how to eat, the right way!   I also follow the, Fuel The Fire, eating guide that goes hand in hand with TurboFire.  Here I will be posting some of the meals that I prepare including my snacks and maybe I’ll even throw in some tips and tricks on how to get your sweet tooth fix without sabotaging your diet!

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