Well hey there!  Yes, it is very true... we completed the 21 Day reset!  Coming back at ya almost a week after completing the program and feeling FANTASTIC!  What a journey this was for us!  So many new things came to light on so many levels, physically, mentally, emotionally, it all came together!  Post reset, the biggest take away we got from it was definitely learning just how much nutriton plays a part in our health and how it drives results, especially the ones that we desire!  We are much more aware of what kind of foods fill us up and give us the most/best nutrients possible to fuel our energy, not to mention the mental clarity that comes with fueling your body with the RIGHT kinds of nutrients!  All in all a great experience, check out the resutls we turned out in 21 days!

Total Weight Lost: 11lbs!
Total Inches Lost: 5.5 inches! (1 inch from the waist!)
Cholesterol: Dropped 17 pts!

Total Weight Lost: 10lbs!
Total Inches Lost: 4.5 inches! (2.5 inches from the waist!)
Cholesterol: Dropped 30 pts! (WOW!)  It pushed my cholesterol level below 200, when I started I was at 207!  That's considered high!

Click on the video below we put together to hear more details on our take of the entire 21 days and see if it might be something for you!
So what's NEXT you ask?  This week post reset we've been easing back into our workouts, Tony has been tapping into his soulmate workout P90X and I've been tapping into mine, TurboFire.  I will continue to follow my soulmate trainer's lead with the weight training based program ChaLEAN Extreme, while Tony moves on to a new venture with Sagi Kalev taking on BODY BEAST.  We've both been experience a new heightened energy within our workouts this past week and we are so ready to rock these next programs, I truly believe and feel this is next level for us, can't wait to start Monday!

It's been an absolute pleasure sharing our reset experience with you, I hope you took at least one thing away from it that will help you move to the next level with your nutrition :)  Looking forward to starting this next venture and sharing it with you.  When one journey ends another begins.  This is a lifestyle, it doesn't end!  LIVE STRONG. LOVE LOTS AND LAUGH OFTEN!

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