Happy Monday All!  So as you know, last week I ventured back to the South Beach Diet, Phase 1.  Let's just say it started off good, but by the time I got to Thursday, it was downhill from there.  Well, I won't say downhill, because I still ate fairly clean, but I did not however, stick to Phase 1.  I need my good carbs and my fruit!  So, I was a little dissappointed with myself for not sticking with it, but then I realized that my workouts are very intense and I burn ALOT of calories each time I work out, ranging anywhere from 600-1200 calories, depending on the workout.  When you burn alot of calories you need to fuel that fire with food and good food like clean carbs and fruits.  I knew the way I was eating was affecting my workouts because I was tired during my workouts and I'm very rarely EVER tired durning my workouts, I needed food to give me energy!  So, with that being said...  I'm nixing the South Beach, Phase 1.  I plan on starting this week with clean eating, whole grains, lean meats, plenty of veggies, fruits and 'good' carbs.  I plan to keep a food journal so I can measure up my intake and balance that up with the calories I burn during my workouts.  Sounds like a plan, right?!  Ok! So let me just give you a recap of what I did eat during the week that I was sticking to Phase 1.  It was good food, minus the carbs ;) 
Here's what my breakfast usually contained. An omlet with 1 egg and 1 egg white, inside were chopped red peppers and onions and fat free cheddar cheese. And a side of 2 links of turkey sausage.
My lunch more times than none was my Shakeology. No fruit added. Most of the time it was mixed with natural peanutbutter or 2 tbsp of nonfat greek yogurt and vanilla extract.
My lunch last week on Thursday (which is when I was in the city), was from a place called Chili Peppers, which is comparable to a Chipotle. I got the burrito bowl, obviously minus the wrap. I got the chicken with black beans, tomato, banana pepper, onions, cilantro and medium salsa. All acceptable on South Beach, Phase 1!
Dinner was always the hardest. Try making dinner with no carbs, it's hard! But, it can be done :) This was a dinner my dear hubby put together for us one of the nights last week (so sweet, and so nice to have the support). He made grilled lamb chops, and grilled veggies that included eggplant, banana peppers and a whole onion, all from our garden! Not the lamb ;)
So, as you can see, it's not all that bad.  This is some good food right here, it's not like I was starving myself :)  But, I was however depriving myself of food that should be in your diet naturally.  Those foods such as fruits, whole grain and clean carbs are a neccessity to your diet.  In the long run that is what an individual will be able to stick with and make part of their daily lifestyle.  I still love South Beach, they have some excellent recipes, but I don't plan on restricting myself anymore.  This is a lifestyle, this isn't something you do for two weeks and move onto the  next, this is something you stick with for life.  And I'm glad I've come to this realization and I hope in some small way I've infulenced you all out there that fad diets are not the answer.  It's all about balance and smart decisions and being educated.  I love this life, I learn new things about myself and my surroundings each week, I hope ya'll are too.  Make everyday a learning experience! Have a great week ya'll!  Talk to you soon :)

Oh, and P.S. - this week is my LAST week of TurboFire!  120 days straight!  WOW!  Can't wait for my next fitness journey!
8/8/2011 01:45:21 am

LIZ!! You are always so positive and beautiful inside and out! I am so happy for and proud of you for doing all of this!! Your family must be and will be so grateful to your for bettering yourself! I get down in the dumps and see that if you can do it I can too so then I get excited again. The thing that is hardest for me is the $$ aspect of it all, we can't afford to do Shakeology just yet as we are trying to get all of the doctor and hospital bills paid and out of the way. This summer was a medicalpalooza for Will and I both. LOL :) Thanks again for being such a great inspiration!!

P.S. Tell Tony Bologna Meat Head he looks amazing as well!! You two make a great team!!!

Love ya,


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