Hello hello all!  Very exciting week I'm heading into!  Today I started my Advanced Turbo rounds for TurboFire, yep, weighted gloves and all!  The program of course started me off with the Fire 60, the longest Fire class in the whole program and I'll tell you what, I knocked it outta the park and kept the weighted gloves on for the entire workout!  I really need to invest in a good heart rate monitor because I definitely burned some SERIOUS calories this morning and I am curious to know just how many!  So, if any of you out there can recommend a good one, fill me in, PLEASE!  For real, that workout was no joke, I was drenched in sweat after that hour long session!  The music in this workout is off the hook, felt like I was at a dance party, LOL ;)  After Fire 60 I tackled some Abs 10.  This ab workout is only 10 minutes long, but it will leave your abs SCREAMIN, promise!  These next few weeks of advanced Turbo-ing are going to make a HUGE difference in my numbers, I'm so ready to blast through this plateau!  The week is looking up!  How about you?!

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