It has seriously amazed me how fast time is flying by!  It seems like only yesterday I just started the TurboFire program and here I am on week 12, having just reached the 60 day milestone!  How crazy is that?!  So this week is a recovery week for me, so you know what that means.... 2 DAYS OFF!  In 60 days, I haven't had 2 days off from working out, what in the world am I going to do with myself?  Well, I have plenty to keep me busy, as I will still be working my tail off in this recovery week of Fire 45s and Stretch 40s.  Last week I ordered my advanced DVDs, along with them came the much anticipated weighted gloves.  I CANNOT wait to try these babies out, pics will definitely be posted next week :)  So, in the meantime, throughout my recovery week I'll do my TF workouts as scheduled and on my rest days I may take it outdoors for some light running.  I'm planning on running in a 5K in early July so I can start this week to prepare for that since I'll have some extra time ;)  Honestly can't wait for next week, the advanced workouts are going to take it to a whole new level!  What are you looking forward to this week, share with me!

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