Get a load of these two ADORABLE guys!  Yes, it was about that time.... we finally carved those pumpkins for Halloween!  Seeing that Trick or Treating is coming up this Sunday we thought we better take advantage of the Indian Summer we had the past 2 days and get those suckers out on the front patio and indulge in the festivities :)  Just the 3 of us carved pumpkins, Miss Mari was off with her girlfriend trick or treating at Cedar Point... growing up way too fast... all of a sudden she's too big to carve pumpkins with the fam!  :) :)  That's ok, who can pass up tricks or treats at the best amusement park around?!  She's off the hook i guess ;)
Let's see.. this week was pretty awesome, it started with coming off a high from doing a Beachbody commercial last Saturday... YES, we had the pleasure of working with the crew from Beachbody on an upcoming promo that will be featuring none other than The Beachbody Challenge... I will definitely be filling you in more on these deets as they are released, but for now you can check out the below video on what it's all about below, exciting stuff!
I mean.. personally I know that this Beachbody Challenge is for realz.... 2 of my very close friends, coaches and Beachbody Challenger participants, has WON money with the Beachbody Challenge.  My girl Angela (who I've featured before on my blog) won $1,000 in the Beachbody Challenge back in the Month of May and her husband just one $500 for the month of October (pictured below).  I personally, also won $500 this month as well.  This is no joke, this is no scam.  This is REAL people with REAL results.  How cool is THAT?!
This week was really exciting as I was featured on the Focused To Be Fit blog that I mentioned last week that I would be on... be sure to check out the article on F2BF for sure!  I talked about FITNESS, of course :) But, specifically on the importance of lifting and adopting a weight training program.  Speaking of weight training program, I will be finishing up ChaLEAN Extreme this week!  90 days a of weight training program... COMPLETE!  I will say that is a FIRST for me!  Looking forward to continuing my weight training program, but I'll definitely be mixing it up with some Turbo and am going to dabble in Body Beast {{shutter}} LOL!  The workout I'm most interested in is Beast Legs, time to sculpt and shape those stems!  That particular body part is going to be my main focus, it's always been a problem area for me!   Regardless, looking forward to wrapping up CLX!  We'll talk next week!  Have a FUN weekend all and be SAFE if you're heading out for Tricks & Treats ;)

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