Helllllo All!  Hope all of you had a fabulous weekend!  I feel like I'm still playing catch up from mine.  Or maybe it's just this week has already been very eventful, I just can't seem to get caught up!  Well, let's rewind to Monday...  First day of school!  My little twinkies went back to school yesterday.  This year is a little different, scratch that, ALOT different.  They are now in Pre-K, but they go everyday for a half day in the morning AND they ride the bus to and from school, AHHHHH!  I can't get over how fast they are growing up!  And they just absolutely love it.  Which at the same time makes me both happy and sad.  I'm glad they adjust so well to change, but it makes me sad to see them growing up, they are not my little babies anymore :(  Well, they'll always be my babies, but you get the picture!  Ah well, that's life I guess, they are growing and changing and so does Mom :)

Alright, up to speed on Tuesday, almost mid-week and I feel like I have a TON to do.  Been working on a few projects and it's getting down to the wire.  I'll fill you in on the projects when the time is right, so def. stay tuned :)  I think it's safe to say that habit is starting to form again for me in the workout department.  I'm in week 2 of the P90X/TurboFire hybrid.  P90X isn't all that bad, I thought I'd be bored outta my mind by now, but I'm loving the strength training in it and I haven't been this sore since I first started TurboFire!  That's a good thing, no pain no gain, right!?  So, I mentioned before the act of falling into a habit.  I desperately needed to get back to habit, summer was WAY too good to me this year and I cheated ALOT with yummy indulgences.  I never once slacked on my workouts, I will say that, but the clean eating part of it all really fell by the wayside.  But, now we are heading into September and I plan on getting back on the clean eating train.  At least for now, I am not allowing myself any cheat days.  This is not to say that cheat days in your diet are bad, they are actually a good thing, as long as you are doing it in moderation and not all the time.  In no way should a diet ever leave you feeling deprived.  You will surely fail at your diet if it ever gets to that point.  The need for me to execute this "no cheat days" aloud is purely my own choice and something my body desperately needs.  I can definitely tell my body has taken a beating from all my cheat eating in the past month.  Technically, the best option for me is to probably to do a cleanse, but I'm not really up for another cleanse anytime soon.  So for now, my plan is to eat clean for the next few weeks going forward.  With Labor Day weekend coming up this will be a good test for me to push my mind over matter.  I am not giving myself the excuse to indulge in sweets over the weekend simply because it's a holiday weekend.  I DO plan on spending some time with my friends and family in leisure.  Sounds good to me! 

So, how do ya'll handle your cheat days?  Are they on occassion?  Do you even have one or are you one of those souls that has extreme self control when it comes to something like this?  If you are, I'm so jealous!  I also envy those that are not sweet eaters because they just flat out don't like em.  I wish I had those powers!  Sweets are my weakness!   But I will prevail :)

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