I'm not sure if it's just because it's summer and there is just so much going on, but I really feel that Mondays really shouldn't be the true start of the week... I say that because I never really get around to doing anything or really get into my week until Tuesday!  Just seems to alway be the case, well for me anyway :)  Regardless, super awesome loooong weekend on Kelley's Island.  Couldn't have asked for better weather, everything went smoothly, and that's with the kids in tow!  So, two thumbs up for that alone! 

So, let me rewind to friday... we got on the island around 12:30, got settled in and relaxed at the cabin and did some front porch sitting, in true island fashion, until dinner time.  We all headed uptown and ate at West Bay, burger and fries for me... so good!  Friday night was girls night, so the boys stayed home with the kiddos and we painted the town, hitting all the hots spots and mingling with friends we haven't seen in awile, needless to say we had a blast.  Saturday morning I held true to my word and worked out first thing in the morning before anyone woke up, got a run in and downloaded a sweet little cardio app on my iphone that I did at the park after my run.  The rest of the day was filled with beach time and jet skis and a whole lotta fun in the sun.  We cooked out at the house Saturday night for dinner and it was the boys turn to go up town so us girls stayed in and had ourselves a little bonfire and of course roasted some mallows :)  Sunday was a free for all, we went to the beach again, caught some more waves on the jet skis, grilled out got some ice cream and ended it with all of us gathered by the fire again that night.  What a perfect weekend.  Can't wait to do it again.  But, now it's back to the grind.  To-do lists, emails, follow ups.... we can't avoid it so here's to a new week!  Only 3 more left of TurboFire on my fitness agenda, so stay tuned to what I have lined up for my next encounter on the old fitness scale.  Have a good week everyone and stay cool, it's gonna be a HOT one!

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