Well hey there fit friends!  Hopy ya'll had a nice loooong Labor Day weekend.  I had a pretty good one myself, low key, but good :)  Friday I got a half day off from work and I spent some time outside with the kiddos, Saturday we went to a campground and met up with some friends that have children the same age as ours and they swam, rode bikes and cooked out open an open fire.  Sunday I did some running around.  You see September is a VERY eventful month in our little family; the twins turn 5 on the 18th, my godson's birthday is also on this same day.  My two nieces celebrate a birthday in this month and on the 29th, Tony and I will celebrate 4 years of marriage!  Whew!  Anywho, Sunday I spent most of the day getting birthday invites printed, 5 year old pics printed and a stop at the party store, all with the 2 little rugrats in tow, THAT was an experience!  But still fun, this year we are doing a 70s disco theme, luckily the party store had just what we needed!  And then Sunday night we had a cookout at our house with my mom, dad, my sister and her family and my aunt, loved every minute of it!  Monday (although a holiday) I managed to be very productive, I plowed into week 3 of the TurboFire/P90X hybrid, I'm really loving this program and my muscles are really starting to take form, plus.... I lost 5lbs!  Cool, huh?!  Over the weekend I also revealed my TurboFire success story via YouTube, if you haven't seen it, def check it out!  That is all for now, short week, it's almost half way over, which means I gotta get to work and bust through this week's goals.  What your goals this week?  Starting a new workout routine?  Adjusting to the weather? ( I am, and I'm not liking it!  WANT. WARM WEATHER. NOW!)  :) :)  How are you starting September off??

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