_ Well hello there!  How was the weekend?!  Mine was just fabulous!  Seems like as we head into week two of the new year, everything is starting to fall into place and routine is starting to become habit… this is a good thing!   Saturday, I traveled to Toledo for the Beachbody Super Saturday event.  Learned so much about what is to come with the company in 2012.  A new program is about to be released called Tai Cheng, Tropical Shakeology will be available on February 14th and The Beachbody Challenge is taking off!  Are you currently in a Beachbody Challenge Group?  If so, sound off in the comments below, how do you like it so far??  I’m currently in a my own Beachbody Challenge with a ton of other people who have made the commitment.  I’m doing P90X2, others are doing TurboFire, Brazil Butt Lift & Insanity, just to name a few! 

_ This will be week 2 of the challenge and I already feel like I’m starting to get stronger.  In P90X2, there are phases.  Phase 1 is the Foundation Phase, building the core.  And wow, does it ever!  I’ll be on this phase for at least 2-3 more weeks.  Here’s what my weekly workout schedule looks like….

 Monday:  Core

Tuesday:  Plyocide

Wednesday:  Rest or Recovery & Mobility (I also teach Turbo at night)

Thursday:  Total Body (Again, teaching Turbo this evening!)

Friday:  Yoga

Saturday:  Balance & Power (Teach Turbo in the AM!)

Sunday:  Rest or Recovery & Mobility

 Whew!  But, I honestly am loving every minute of it.  So blessed to be able to work this hard.

 n addition to my workout goals, I’ve also taken steps to better my personal goals.  I’m currently reading Chalene Johnson’s book, PUSH.  It’s a 30 day breakdown of exercises mapped out to help you plan out your goals and give you a clear cut path to achieve them.  Love this.  I did her 30 day PUSH video segment last summer in June and it completely changed the game for me.  Looking forward to another ‘PUSH’ this year, currently I’m on Day 7.  So far, I’ve already listed my goals, determined a PUSH goal and am currently in the middle of researching information on how to carefully reach my goals one step at a time.  Progress, I can feel it! 

_ So that’s about it for me this week.  I’ll continue to work hard during my workouts, keep focus on the task at hand to consistently move forward with my goals, both short-term and long.  Have a blessed week friends!

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