Hello there everyone!  What an amazing weekend I had!  So Saturday marked Day 1 of October, I really can't believe it is October and less than 3 months til Christmas and the New Year!  Ahhh! Just does not seem possible!  This year has been life-changing for me and I can't wait to see what the rest of the year brings!   Not only was Saturday the first of October, but it was also Day 1 of the challenge that I'm hosting, the P90X / Shakeology Challenge.  10 people stepped up to the plate to getting healthier and more fit by the end of the year and to prepare for non other than the next wave of fitness, P90X2!  I'm so proud of my challengers for upping their game!  I created a private Facebook group page and added each of them and we have been sharing stories, triumphs and struggles all weekend, it's been AMAZING!  This is truly the best way to stay accountable, I love it!  So, Saturday I started Day 1 of P90X, we also had plans to head to Windsor, Canada for a friend's 30th birthday, so I got myself up at 5AM Saturday morning and hammered out Day 1.  About 1pm Saturday we arrived in Canada and checked into Ceasar's casino.  I'm not a gambler, nor have I ever gambled in my life.  I figured I would just be playing lots of slot machines and be done with it.  Oh no... this gal found a love for the roulette tables, LOVED IT!  Didn't hit big, but didn't lose big either, but all in all a fabulous time!  We have plans to head to Vegas next summer and you know what tables I'll be hittin up ;)  Later that night we hit up the town, had dinner at an awesome authentic Italian restaurant, I had the spicy pizza, it was LOADED with all kinds of peppers, DELISH!  Afterwards, we hit up the dance club scene... let's just say I'm not as into the techno dance clubs like I used to be, LOL!  We did find a place called the Bull and Barrel, LOVED this place.  Country music, 80s rock, my type of place, we had a blast dancing and watching other poor souls take their chance with the mechanical bull :)  Good times!   Headed back around noon on Sunday and got home around 3pm.  Needless to say, I was whooped!  I took a little cat nap to re-charge and headed downstairs to get in Day 2.  Today I'm sore as heck!  I love the sore, it lets me know I'm working my tail off and not doggin' it :)  Here's to the next 87 days!
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