LOL!!!  Every Friday I get like this!  I feel like I need to push the envelope with a quote or saying or a nice little 'TRUTHFUL' reminder :D  I mean really.... am I right?!  Harsh, but TRUE!  And I'm not knocking Pinterest either.... LOVE that site!  This is just funny and I had to share ;)  Please don't take offense, it's just for fun!

ALRIGHT!  We made it through another week!  We are well into September now, the routine is setting in and I'm LIKING it!  How about you?  This week, fitness-wise, I'm closing in on week 2 of the PUSH phase with ChaLEAN Extreme, definitely feeling stronger!
In other news, I've been talking to lots of people this week about their fitness goals and mentoring them on what their plan of action should be and I'm hearing A LOT of issues with time restraints.  Being that, peeps just can't find the time!  Whether it's not being able to find the time to workout, plan meals, etc.  **Disclaimer** You might not like what I'm about to say, but I refuse to coddle you, it won't do you any good, so here it is.  P.S. I love you all the same, that's why I'm being REAL with you ;)  WE ARE ALL BUSY!  None of us have THE TIME.  Do you think I have the time?  I work full time for a publishing company, I run a part-time business, I have soon to be 6 year old twins, I run my household, I'm a wife, I cook, I clean, I teach TurboKick.... really I could go on.  Bottom line is, we are ALL given the same 24 hours in a day, how we choose to spend those 24 hours is on us.  Ask yourself, are you really utilizing your time to the best of your ability?  Here's what I'm talking about... basically, we need to start managing our time better.  How do you do that you ask?  I'm glad you did, because I'm offering up something that can show you HOW to begin to manage your time better and get all the things done that you desire to PUSH you to reaching your goals.  You want some of that?
Here's the dealio.... For 30 Days, I will mentor you in a PUSH challenge.  What's a PUSH Challenge?  Well for starters... It's FREE! and it will last for 30 days, will help you with time management with a calendar and how to utilize a to-do list, define goals that align with your priorities and create a plan to reach them, get organized, get support and tools you need to reach your goals and form habits that will bring you success in all you do... sound like something you'd like to do??  And get this, this can be related to anything in life, not just fitness!  But by all means fitness can def. be apart of it!  I'm offering this to everyone and anyone.  I have a few peeps who are already on board!  This challenge will begin Oct 1st.  If you are interested, here are a few ways you can reach me to SIGN UP!  And remember, it's completely FREE!

1.  Via Facebook
2.  Email

Hit me UP if you are ready for a PUSH!  Happy Friday all!

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