Hey all!  I am LOVING this indian summer we are having!  Wish it would stay just like this all winter long, that would make me soooo very happy :)  I can deal with the cold mornings and cool nights, just as long as it's sunny and warm during the day.  Unfortunately, living in north central Ohio, I know that is not the reality and the cold weather is coming.  Oh well, going to make the most of it and enjoy the awesome weather while it's here!  OK!  So let me rewind to this past weekend, Saturday was a super busy day.  It all began at 9am with some soccer watching for Haiden's game, he scored 2 goals!  He's quite the little soccer player, so proud of him!  Here's a pic of the team below, so cute!
Haiden is third one from the right, next to the girl in the pink shorts :)
Marianna also completed her gymnastic class this week.  Quite the tumbler we have in this little girl, can we say Team USA in the near future?  LOL ;)
Whew!  I'm exhausted just giving a recap of this weekend!  After the kids' activites, I had to shoot over to my girlfriend's Pampered Chef party.  Oh what goodies were involved at this little shindig!  Let's see... I started with a breakfast pizza, which was made from a delicious buttery, flaky crust that was filled with egg, cheese and sausage.  I had a little bit of apple fritter bake, some pudding and some cinnamon bread!  By the time I left there I was stuffed!  It was oh so good and definitely worth the extra calories ;)  I ended up ordering a can opener because for some reason I have the worst luck with can openers and I seriously go through them like water!  Probably because I constantly buy the cheap ones and they always break, haha!  So, this time I invested in a pretty awesome can opener, I'm real excited to use it.  How sad it that?!  LOL!  After stuffing my face with Pampered Chef goodies I had to drop the kids off at a birthday party at a local pizza shop, finally I get some free time!  The kids were super excited to see their friends from school and to play video games at the pizza place, I was super excited too as I wanted to go shopping for some new kicks!  I dropped the kiddos off and headed to the mall.  My first stop was Champs, they have the BEST selection of tennis shoes.  I'm a Nike Shox girl so I knew exactly what I wanted AKA easiest customer ever!  So, when I got there I went right to the Shox and started scoping out the selection.  I loved the pink, but for some reason I was lured in by the electric blue.  Oh and I LOVE black shoes and the blue on black was a no-brainer and I was SOLD!  Check em out below! You like? 
While picking out my new kicks I also got into some great conversation with the shoe salesman... see I was wearing my free t-shirt that I recieved from Beachbody, it was my P90X2 shirt and we must have chatted for a good 20 minutes on the program and how much he liked it.  I invited him to join one of my challenges that I'm holding and he was super interested.  Love how a simple thing as wearing a t-shirt can spark such great conversation! 
After shoe shopping I picked up the kids from the birthday party and headed home to make a side dish for a get together with friends later that night.  I made a whole wheat pasta salad with fresh tomatoes, onion and peppers from the garden topped with oil oil and lemon juice.  Had an awesome end to the day visiting some friends and fellow Beachbody coaches, love that crew!  So grateful to be surrounded by such amazing people that I share the same visions with!  Sunday was low-key and the start of the week is off to a GREAT start.  My 30 day challenge starts this Saturday and my challengers are locked and loaded!  Week 2 of my 90 day challenge is going smoothly, I can feel myself getting stronger and yoga this time around was soooo much better!  Two thumbs up for improving!  Have a great week everyone!
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