Well Hello Fit and Fabulous people!  I know!  I've missed a couple Friday posts, but dang it has been a busy month already!  How are you enjoying October??  I hope the start of the final quarter of 2012 is in your favor!  On the fitness front I'm happy to report that my October challengers are ON IT!  There is no messin' around, and NOTHING is coming between them and their goals to the end of the year!  Speaking of goals... remember that PUSH challenge I talked about... yeah, we are almost HALF way through it! Completely amazing how many group members are jotting down their dreams and turning them into goals.  Over a dozen people are really digging deep and realizing their potential in life, that's some awesome sauce right there :)  I personally am taking this 30 Day PUSH Challenge with them (for me it's round 2) and I've got to tell you, I've already reached some of my mini goals, which is good because they are tiny steps PUSHing me to reach my ultimate, big, PUSH goal :)  Neat how that works huh?
On the fitness front, I'm excited to announce that I only have 3 more weeks til I COMPLETE 90 Days of ChaLEAN Extreme!  Really love lifting weights and once I finish this 90 days I plan to continue on lifting with CLX and plan to incorporate some of my soulmate workout with it, TURBOFIRE!  Yeah! Turbo!  My TurboKickers successfully made it through the first 6 weeks of the intro Turbo 101 segment and are READY to graduate on to Round 41!  Oh yes, more intense, longer workout, MUCH MORE.  Hope they are ready, next Tuesday we get busy with this new round!  Tons of fun, totally dancy and makes working out FLY by.  I mean really, where else can you say you burned over 500 calories and smiled the whole time? :) 
Hey.. you guys on InstaGram?  Check this out... I submitted a photo that EatFitNation was holding this past Monday, had to post a pic of yourself working out and hash tag it with #motivatedmondays.... Lookie who was the winnner... yep, that's ME!  Fun right?!  I def got a kick out of it and was showered with love from all the motivating EatFitNation followers.  Gotta love being surrounded by  like minded individuals! 
Ok....  gonna leave ya with a little bit of FAB, for this FINE Friday....  We got a new Ulta store in our neighborhood.  Ever hear of this place?  Pretty cool, just like a Sephora.  I scored a 20% off coupon from my lovely hairdresser and I hit that store UP!  Got me some new nail polish and some Big Sexy Hair Powder Play, love this stuff, totally gives your hair some major volume, LOVE IT!  And hey... I got a little surprise for ya... check out the image below (click on the image), $5 off your $10 purchase at an Ulta Store near you!  You're welcome!! :)  But, ya gotta act fast, this coupon is only good til Oct 13, tomorrow!  So go... Get FAB for the weekend all!  Enjoy!

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