Are we really info February already?!  Is it just me or is this year going too fast already!?  Either way, I'm totally excited for February, so many fun things happening this month, my baby girl Mari will be doing a cheerleading camp and cheering at the high school basketball game (aww!).  Valentine's day of course, but not because I'm all lovey dovey and a big old sap for this hallmark holiday, but I do LOVE to make it a big deal with my kiddos, it's fun, they like it and it's something we can do activities around as a family :)  My fav activity... making cupcakes and using the heart-shaped cake pan, LOL, it literally only gets used ONCE a year!  Ohhh and how can I forget, the new Tropical Strawberry flavored Shakeology comes out on Valentines Day, Feb 14th as well.  I have my order all set to receive it this month, can't wait to try it!
If you'd like to try a 30 day risk free trial of it, visit my site by just simply clicking on the image, I promise, you will LOVE it!
Had a really great weekend, spent some time with my loves, celebrated one of my girlfriend's 30th birthday (there's gonna be ALOT of 30th bday postings this year LOL!) and of course enjoyed the Super Bowl at home with some friends.  My fav commercial... the 'naked' M&M dancing to LMAFO, 'Sexy & I Know It'! LOL!! Classic! 

So, let's talk fitness real quick... I'm suppose to be doing the program P90X2, I still am technically, but I'm having to take some time off from it to learn my new round of TurboKick.  I tried to do both and ended up exhausting myself physically, NOT GOOD FRIENDS!  Don' over do the workouts.... YES, IT'S POSSIBLE!  So... I'm almost there, my goal is to teach the new round this week at starting with my Wednesday class, hold me accountable ya'll!  I've been diligently workin the TurboKick all last week and this weekend..... 
Round 30.. on tap! There's some old school tracks in this round... LOVE IT!
So, that's about it for now gang!  Have a blessed week, keep sweatin!  Only 90 more days this swimsuit season ;)

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