Hi there fit friends!  So we are 1 week well into the new year... how are the New Year's resolutions coming along?  I have to say that personally I'm doing just great, down 8lbs and moving right along with this 21 day nutrition bootcamp!  I'm pretty excited to get back to my workouts though, 1 MORE WEEK and will have completed my bootcamp!  Really glad that I decided to start the new year off with this. 

Even through technically I'm not suppose to workout AT ALL during this nutrition bootcamp, I did... Ooops!  But, just once and I only went about 50%.  I had the opportunity to do a Glow in the Dark Turbo workout at a Coach Super Sunday Event and there was NO WAY I was missing out on THAT!  It was sooo fun and I got to see and hang with some of my fav fit friends.
So!  Back to this New Year's thang.... It's really interesting because most people who resolve to stay fit in the new year, lose that momentum by the end of year and in short, they're right back where they were months ago.

I know NONE of you want to be that person, so what I recommend is don't make resolutions, make it a REVOLUTION.  Commit yourself to a lifestyle that will PUSH you to be the healthiest YOU that you can be. :)

So here's some tips I have for you, ya ready?  Ok, let's go!

First, get off the couch and GET MOVING.  Make a plan for your workouts, write them down, put them on a calendar, even better, tell someone else what you are doing and keep yourself accountable!

Next Step:  COMMIT.  t’s one thing to want to look and feel better, it’s entirely another to know how to do it and stick with a routine that will get you the results you want.  Don't worry your mind with creating all this stuff from scratch!  That's what the professionals are for!  There are a MILLION different programs out there that are designed specifically to get you in the best shape of your LIFE.  They even have proven results!  Do your research!  Find what will work for YOU!

But, while you're doing all that working out, don't forget that proper nutrition is also important.  You can go to pretty much any fitness club, adopt any routine, but the reality is you can’t out-exercise a bad diet!

Best rule of thumb:  eating more healthy foods, such as vegetables and lean meats, and eating the right amount of foods with portion control.

Making a resolution to stay fit is just the beginning; sticking with it is the main challenge. In a year's time, do you really want to be making the same resolution?  Ask these fine ladies below.... about this time LAST YEAR they committed to a program, got right with their nutrition and made 2012 their FITNESS REVOLUTION!

**These beautiful ladies took up my challenge group offer.  They made the choice to DECIDE.COMMIT & SUCCEED.  You up for the challenge?  Groups are forming NOW.  The revolution is just getting started.  You want in?  I'm here to help.
Hey hey fit beauties! We made it to the weekend!  Earlier this week I told you about the 5 Day TurboFire Inferno Plan that I would be taking on in order to get Hot for the Weekend ready for my trip to Florida... oh how the time flew by!  Here we are at the weekend!  Let me recap the inferno for ya and fill ya in on my results..... 
I have to tell you... at my mid-way point of this plan I was totally blown away at the fact that I had lost 3lbs in 2 days!  That's just crazy awesome to me :)  Well, I can understand how it happened because the plan had me working out like mad with Fire 55 EZ class 3 of the 5 days and then Fire 45 and HIIT 20 the other 2 days :)  Oh and the meal plan.... TO DIE FOR!  Soooo good!  A great mix of salads, yummy shakes, healthy versions of loaded baked potatos, egg salad and tacos! YUM!  I really paid attention to my calories with the My Fitness Pal app and going forward I definitely plan to use that app more often, it's very helpful!
Overall, what a great experience!  I enjoyed every minute of it and it was WELL worth it!  I ended up dropping a total of 6lbs and definitely some inches too!  I can def tell in my jeans and I just feel lighter and energized.... I FEEL GOOD!  I can't think of a better way to start my weekend, especially when it's jet-setting to FLORIDA!  Have a great weekend all!  Be good!  Eat right!  And get that workout in!  And have some fun too would ya?!  Fun.Fit & Fab style!
OK!  It's Day 1 of the TurboFire 5 Day Inferno Plan!  What a great way to start a Sunday!  For me the week always starts on Sunday.  I know, I know, it is a to be a day of rest... and mostly it is.  I utilize Sundays to plan for the week ahead, makes Monday not so much of a bear ;)  Anywho!  On this Sunday, I have one goal in mind... GETTING HOT FOR THE WEEKEND! Yes, Friday we leave for Florida for my cousin's wedding and I plan to tackle the next 5 days of this Inferno to be 'weekend ready' :)  Went grocery shopping last night, got all the food I need to follow the Inferno nutrition plan, took my measurements, even did some before photos.  I will be committed to tracking ALL my calories on My Fitness Pal this week.  I have a confession :(  I'm soooo bad about tracking my food!  Not this week, MFP is going to be my best friend for the next 5 days :)  Rocked out some Fire 55EZ this morning, breakfast was delish and I'm ready to get on with the rest of this wonderful Sunday :) Talk to you tomorrow fit beauties, tomorrow's workout is a double!  Fire 45 (my fav) and a HIIT 20... whew!  On Fiyah!
Happy weekend fit beauties!  Can you believe it is NOVEMBER?!  Seriously!  2 more months left of 2012, how are you doing with  your goals?  Have you kept those New Year's resolutions to get and stay fit?  I know what you're thinking, that was 10 MONTHS AGO?!  :)  It's OK, if you slipped a little bit, let's take some steps to get back on track, if you DID keep that resolution... FANTASTIC!  Either way, we are ending the year on a high note!  The biggest mistake that I hear and see some people making (I used to do this) is around this time they decide to push their fitness and clean eating to the wayside, they figure, "Oh, I'll just enjoy the holidays, eat anything I want, do a little exercise here and there and wait to jumpstart the fitness thing on January 1."  Am I right?!  I know I am!  Why do I know this?  Because this is exactly how I would think!! :)  I always thought, eh I'll worry about it on January 1.  But, the reality is, waiting can make it that much harder to start and stick.  You hear me?  Let's start NOW and begin 2013 at the TOP of our game in fitness and health.  Sound good?  Let's make that our NOVEMBER PROMISE, ok?  OK, DEAL :)
I have the PERFECT way to jumpstart our November promise too.  I wrapped up my ChaLEAN Extreme 90 day program this week, definitely feeling stronger.  The results?  I maintained my weight and dropped 5% of overall body fat, now at 14% overall.  Not to shabby.  My clothes fit great and my arms, thighs and core feel lean and tight.  Very happy with the results from the first round of CLX, I give the program an A+++.   Still deciding on what program I will do next, so for this week I plan on doing the TurboFire 5 Day Inferno plan!  I leave for Florida next Friday for my cousin's wedding (remember The Verdict? Below is the dress I'm ROCKIN' for the reception!)
So!  I figured, let's get HOT for the weekend and kick start with the 5 Day Inferno plan, PERFECT!  I will be starting tomorrow and I will definitely keep ya'll posted on the outcome.  I plan on following the food plan as well, so doing the plan in it's entirety.  I finish up on Thursday, will be documenting my progress of the next 5 days, so STAY TUNED!

OK!  Have a great weekend all, talk to ya tomorrow to report on Day 1 of the INFERNO!
Get a load of these two ADORABLE guys!  Yes, it was about that time.... we finally carved those pumpkins for Halloween!  Seeing that Trick or Treating is coming up this Sunday we thought we better take advantage of the Indian Summer we had the past 2 days and get those suckers out on the front patio and indulge in the festivities :)  Just the 3 of us carved pumpkins, Miss Mari was off with her girlfriend trick or treating at Cedar Point... growing up way too fast... all of a sudden she's too big to carve pumpkins with the fam!  :) :)  That's ok, who can pass up tricks or treats at the best amusement park around?!  She's off the hook i guess ;)
Let's see.. this week was pretty awesome, it started with coming off a high from doing a Beachbody commercial last Saturday... YES, we had the pleasure of working with the crew from Beachbody on an upcoming promo that will be featuring none other than The Beachbody Challenge... I will definitely be filling you in more on these deets as they are released, but for now you can check out the below video on what it's all about below, exciting stuff!
I mean.. personally I know that this Beachbody Challenge is for realz.... 2 of my very close friends, coaches and Beachbody Challenger participants, has WON money with the Beachbody Challenge.  My girl Angela (who I've featured before on my blog) won $1,000 in the Beachbody Challenge back in the Month of May and her husband just one $500 for the month of October (pictured below).  I personally, also won $500 this month as well.  This is no joke, this is no scam.  This is REAL people with REAL results.  How cool is THAT?!
This week was really exciting as I was featured on the Focused To Be Fit blog that I mentioned last week that I would be on... be sure to check out the article on F2BF for sure!  I talked about FITNESS, of course :) But, specifically on the importance of lifting and adopting a weight training program.  Speaking of weight training program, I will be finishing up ChaLEAN Extreme this week!  90 days a of weight training program... COMPLETE!  I will say that is a FIRST for me!  Looking forward to continuing my weight training program, but I'll definitely be mixing it up with some Turbo and am going to dabble in Body Beast {{shutter}} LOL!  The workout I'm most interested in is Beast Legs, time to sculpt and shape those stems!  That particular body part is going to be my main focus, it's always been a problem area for me!   Regardless, looking forward to wrapping up CLX!  We'll talk next week!  Have a FUN weekend all and be SAFE if you're heading out for Tricks & Treats ;)
Well Hello Fit and Fabulous people!  I know!  I've missed a couple Friday posts, but dang it has been a busy month already!  How are you enjoying October??  I hope the start of the final quarter of 2012 is in your favor!  On the fitness front I'm happy to report that my October challengers are ON IT!  There is no messin' around, and NOTHING is coming between them and their goals to the end of the year!  Speaking of goals... remember that PUSH challenge I talked about... yeah, we are almost HALF way through it! Completely amazing how many group members are jotting down their dreams and turning them into goals.  Over a dozen people are really digging deep and realizing their potential in life, that's some awesome sauce right there :)  I personally am taking this 30 Day PUSH Challenge with them (for me it's round 2) and I've got to tell you, I've already reached some of my mini goals, which is good because they are tiny steps PUSHing me to reach my ultimate, big, PUSH goal :)  Neat how that works huh?
On the fitness front, I'm excited to announce that I only have 3 more weeks til I COMPLETE 90 Days of ChaLEAN Extreme!  Really love lifting weights and once I finish this 90 days I plan to continue on lifting with CLX and plan to incorporate some of my soulmate workout with it, TURBOFIRE!  Yeah! Turbo!  My TurboKickers successfully made it through the first 6 weeks of the intro Turbo 101 segment and are READY to graduate on to Round 41!  Oh yes, more intense, longer workout, MUCH MORE.  Hope they are ready, next Tuesday we get busy with this new round!  Tons of fun, totally dancy and makes working out FLY by.  I mean really, where else can you say you burned over 500 calories and smiled the whole time? :) 
Hey.. you guys on InstaGram?  Check this out... I submitted a photo that EatFitNation was holding this past Monday, had to post a pic of yourself working out and hash tag it with #motivatedmondays.... Lookie who was the winnner... yep, that's ME!  Fun right?!  I def got a kick out of it and was showered with love from all the motivating EatFitNation followers.  Gotta love being surrounded by  like minded individuals! 
Ok....  gonna leave ya with a little bit of FAB, for this FINE Friday....  We got a new Ulta store in our neighborhood.  Ever hear of this place?  Pretty cool, just like a Sephora.  I scored a 20% off coupon from my lovely hairdresser and I hit that store UP!  Got me some new nail polish and some Big Sexy Hair Powder Play, love this stuff, totally gives your hair some major volume, LOVE IT!  And hey... I got a little surprise for ya... check out the image below (click on the image), $5 off your $10 purchase at an Ulta Store near you!  You're welcome!! :)  But, ya gotta act fast, this coupon is only good til Oct 13, tomorrow!  So go... Get FAB for the weekend all!  Enjoy!
Well HELLO!  We made it yet again to another Friday!  How about that, huh?!  I'm liking the weekly Friday posts, mostly everything has happened, some things have unfolded as planned, some not quite so much, makes for an interesting recap and reflection of the week :)  So, what has happened since last Friday.... let's see.  Well, I am SO sad to report that I did NOT make it to my 5K race last Saturday :(  I was AWFULLY sick!  I caught some kind of bug that completely wiped me out all day Saturday.  Unfortunate for me, but the race still went on and a few of my fabulously fit friends did AMAZING in the race!  So, very happy for them :)  And I'm happy to report that I am feeling much better and am just about good as new!
Really exciting things happening at the start of next week.  The 30 DAY PUSH Challenge starts Oct 1 and the Beachbody October Fitness Challenge kicks off as well!  Some lucky challengers took advantage of the $25 gift card sign on bonus I was offering and are now on their way to a healthy lifestyle and have $25 extra bucks in their pocket to spend as they wish!  Talk about a WIN - WIN!  The offer still stands up until midnight on Sept 30, what are you waiting for, jump on this offer!  Unsure about what a Beachbody Challenge group is?  Take a look at the video below to get the details then let's talk, OK?
Seriously, October should be dubbed CHALLENGE MONTH!  There is also another challenge going on this month, it is a much shorter challenge (lasting only 21 days) and requires NO EXERCISE.  Yep, you heard right :)  This Challenge is for those participants doing the Beachbody Ultimate Reset.  I did this back in July and in 21 days, I lost 10lbs, a pants size and lowered my overall cholesterol.  My doctor was FLOORED!  This 21 day program is legit and like hitting a RESET button on your body.  We have a HUGE group already lined up on Facebook for this group starting on Oct 10 and ending Oct 30 right before Halloween, tons of support, tons of coaches available to mentor you through and answer your questions.  But there really is only ONE QUESTION.... Are you ready to get LEAN & MEAN before HALLOWEEN?
WHEW!  Enough about the challenges!  What's on tap for THIS weekend!?  Deep breath... tonight heading out for some Halloweekend fun with the family at Cedar Point, tomorrow we have an awesome Super Saturday event happing with our Beachbody family, tons of new ideas being brought to the table that I will for sure report back!  Saturday night we head to a wedding and yes my hubby and I will be celebrating our 5 year anniversary that night as well!  And get this, the reception we are going to, it's at the same place ours was!  How cool is that?!  Should make for an awesome anniversary, we can somewhat re-live our wedding day 5 years ago :)  And Sunday, we head to the Cleveland Indians game!  Yeah they're not any good but hey, it's family day and who doesn't love a stadium hot dog right!?  :)  Have a good one all, catch ya next week!
LOL!!!  Every Friday I get like this!  I feel like I need to push the envelope with a quote or saying or a nice little 'TRUTHFUL' reminder :D  I mean really.... am I right?!  Harsh, but TRUE!  And I'm not knocking Pinterest either.... LOVE that site!  This is just funny and I had to share ;)  Please don't take offense, it's just for fun!

ALRIGHT!  We made it through another week!  We are well into September now, the routine is setting in and I'm LIKING it!  How about you?  This week, fitness-wise, I'm closing in on week 2 of the PUSH phase with ChaLEAN Extreme, definitely feeling stronger!
In other news, I've been talking to lots of people this week about their fitness goals and mentoring them on what their plan of action should be and I'm hearing A LOT of issues with time restraints.  Being that, peeps just can't find the time!  Whether it's not being able to find the time to workout, plan meals, etc.  **Disclaimer** You might not like what I'm about to say, but I refuse to coddle you, it won't do you any good, so here it is.  P.S. I love you all the same, that's why I'm being REAL with you ;)  WE ARE ALL BUSY!  None of us have THE TIME.  Do you think I have the time?  I work full time for a publishing company, I run a part-time business, I have soon to be 6 year old twins, I run my household, I'm a wife, I cook, I clean, I teach TurboKick.... really I could go on.  Bottom line is, we are ALL given the same 24 hours in a day, how we choose to spend those 24 hours is on us.  Ask yourself, are you really utilizing your time to the best of your ability?  Here's what I'm talking about... basically, we need to start managing our time better.  How do you do that you ask?  I'm glad you did, because I'm offering up something that can show you HOW to begin to manage your time better and get all the things done that you desire to PUSH you to reaching your goals.  You want some of that?
Here's the dealio.... For 30 Days, I will mentor you in a PUSH challenge.  What's a PUSH Challenge?  Well for starters... It's FREE! and it will last for 30 days, will help you with time management with a calendar and how to utilize a to-do list, define goals that align with your priorities and create a plan to reach them, get organized, get support and tools you need to reach your goals and form habits that will bring you success in all you do... sound like something you'd like to do??  And get this, this can be related to anything in life, not just fitness!  But by all means fitness can def. be apart of it!  I'm offering this to everyone and anyone.  I have a few peeps who are already on board!  This challenge will begin Oct 1st.  If you are interested, here are a few ways you can reach me to SIGN UP!  And remember, it's completely FREE!

1.  Via Facebook
2.  Email

Hit me UP if you are ready for a PUSH!  Happy Friday all!

Hello all!  I know... it's been awhile!  Just that time of year I swear, kids going back to school, settling back into a routine, it always seems to get CRAZY before it calms down!  Now that we are mid-week, I'm finally starting to see the calmness in sight :)  So... let's see, what's new on the fit front huh?!  Well, personally, this week I will complete BURN PHASE 1 with the program ChaLEAN Extreme.   I'm really loving this program.  As I said before it is primarily weight training intensive.  I wasn't always into lifting weight, especially HEAVY weights.  But, it wasn't until about 9 months ago that I realized that muscle doesn't bulk you up, fat bulks you up!  Muscle burns fat, and the MORE muscle you have the higher your metabolism and the higher your metabolism the MORE you can EAT.  And I don't know about you, but I'm ALL for that  I LOVE to eat!  So... TIP OF THE DAY:  DO MORE, LIFT MORE, EAT MORE!  I can live with that ;)
I've also been battling a sharp shooting pain right in my muscle in my forearm, below my elbow.  I don't believe it's anything serious, I just think I have a tight muscle in my upper arm/shoulder/neck area that needs some attention.  What do I do for tight muscles?  Foam rolling.  Foam rolling is the art of myofascial release, which is an approach to soft tissue therepy used to treat somatic dysfunction that results in pain and restriction of motion (AKA, my shooting pain!).  Basically you roll on this cylinder of foam and it is seriously like a massage and really helps release the tightness of the muscle and ease the pain, wherever you might be feeling it :)  Try it out friends... you can pick up a foam roller at any sports store, I picked one up a Dick's for about $20.  We actually have a total of 4 foam rollers in our house!  I know... WHY?!  Well, there are a variety of foam rollers and I'm pretty sure we have all of them, they range from $12-$75.  Some are long, some are short, some have rumble bumps on them to really dig into your muscles, but really, go with the $20 to start, it's fantastic!
Ohhhh and my FAVORITE!  Next week I start back up teaching TurboKick classes again!  Next week is just an awesome start to new beginnings.  Not only do TK classes start back up, but my Return of the Routine challenge group kicks off too!  I am enrolling challengers all week and I do have a few more spots left.... Are you interested?  Want more info?  Message me!  Hit me up on Facebook!  Let's get ya started NOW!
Have a fabulous finish to the week fit friends and end August with a BANG!  September is a fresh start, it's the home stretch to the end of the year.  The final quarter of the year 2012.... How will you finish?  Time to start thinking about that and decide what it is you will accomplish this year.  Are you ready to DECIDE. COMMIT. SUCCEED?  Go for it!
Well.... Happy HUMP Day fit friends!  Are we mid-week already?!  Time flies when you are having fun huh :)  OK!  Let's recap the week so far....  So, I started the week with the new program ChaLEAN Extreme, an intensive 90 day weight training program (click on this video below for more deets!)
I'm in to Day 3 and loving it!  Here... I'm going to post my accountability below, what I've completed this week and what I WILL complete by the end of this week!  Tracking is a GREAT way to stay on track, especially when you put it out there for all the world to see!

MONDAY:  Burn Circuit 1 - CHECK!

TUESDAY:  Rest Day (I practiced my TurboKick rounds though - back to teaching in September!)

WEDNESDAY:  Burn Circuit 2 - CHECK!

THURSDAY:  Burn Intervals + Ab Burner

FRIDAY:  Burn Circuit 3

SATURDAY:  Burn It Off + Recharge

SUNDAY:  Rest Day

There ya have it!  Down in writing, I WILL get it done! 

I am also doing a great accountability workshop with my August Challenge group... This week we are utilizing each day to stay motivated with themes!  Yeah, for example Monday was Meat(less) Protein Monday!  They had to post a protein that had that day!

Tuesday was Treat Tuesday!  Post a healthy treat you indulged in that day! I even have VIDEO on my QUICK treat, UNDER 200 calories!
TODAY, Wednesday is Wet (Sweat) Wednesday!  They have to post a pic of them after their workout, gettin' their SWEAT session on!
The remainder of the week is a SURPRISE!  Sorry!  Gotta keep my challengers on their toes and I know they read these blogs so.... unitl tomorrow! :) 

OK!  That's all for today, off to get this Wednesday rollin'!  So I leave you with some WISDOM.... Have a good one all!  Make it count!